20+ builds ready for Awakening release [2.0.0]

Hi there! As Awakening release is only 2 days and few hours away, I decided to compile a list of builds ready for the expansion for those who hasn’t decided what they’re going to play yet. Enjoy!

2h Ice crash build

Dual flame totems build (beginner friendly)

Crit shock nova build

Wild strike build (build is still in process of theorycrafting though)

Freezing pulse crit totems

Crit reave with Relentless fury axe

Non-crit Lioneyes lighting arrow build

Zombie summoner build

Crit split arrow + chain build

Budget hybrid wander

Crit arc

Poison arrow trapper

Fire nova mine build

Storm call totems build

Epic Momma build (EB + EK + MoM + AA)

Cast on crit discharger (Popularized by Mathil)

Ice spear + chain + GMP build

Dual totem crit ball lightning build

Facebreaker cyclone build

Dual wielding molten strike tank

5 Builds added 11.07.2015

Neversink’s Tornado & split arrow guide (beginner friendly and Uber Atziri capable with good gear)

Poison arrow solo map MF’er (300+ rarity)

Eva/block + max spellblock Lightning strike build (Uber Atziri capable)

Dual wield ice crash duelist (200k+ dps)

Blood magic discharger

  • Gaelios

    Hello, the fire nova build link is dead.

    Thanks for all this ideas by the way ^^

  • poegems

    Thanks for letting me know, updated!

  • poegems

    Thanks for letting me know, link updated!