[2.5] Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer

Intro & build description

Perfect build to start in a new league since build doesn’t require any specific unique items.

Build summary:

193% increased maximum life(can get past 220% with jewels)

175% increased mana regeneration rate

5x jewel sockets

Mind over matter

175% minion damage

75% increased skill effect duration


Build Pros

  • Cheap

  • Hardcore viable

  • Atziri viable

  • Great clear speed

  • Very safe build in general

Build Cons

  • Can get mana hungry

  • Minions doesn't have best A.I

  • Cannot deal with no mana regen and blood magic maps

  • Requires situational awareness, skulls can kill volatile ice/flame/storm blood near you and kill you.

Passive tree(s)

34 points
51 points
80 points
104 points


Normal Cruel Merciless
Help Oak Help Alira Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

Normal Labyrinth Cruel Labyrinth Merciless Labyrinth Endgame Labyrinth (Uber Lab)
Mistress of Sacrifice Spirit Eater Commander of Darkness Flesh Binder

Skill gem setup


Raise Zombie Fortify Support Minion Life Support Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support

Body Armor

Cast when Damage Taken Support Increased Duration Support Immortal Call Enfeeble


Vaal Haste Increased Duration Support Flame Dash Enduring Cry


Haste Clarity Desecrate Flesh Offering

2h Weapon

Summon Raging Spirit Minion Damage Support Spell Echo Support Multistrike Support Melee Splash Support Melee Physical Damage Support

1h Weapon


Offhand weapon / shield


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Body Armour

Belly of the Beast


Bone Helmet

Right Ring

Two-Stone Ring

Left Ring

Two-Stone Ring

Gear description / Non-unique gear



+2 to level of socketed minion gems

+ to maximum life


+ %increased energy shield


+2 to level of socketed fire gems

%increased cast speed

%increased mana regeneration rate

+1 to level of socketed gems (end game goal)

Note: All you need is +2 to fire spells, cast speed and mana regen are just bonuses.

Body Armor:

Any chest with life and resistances work just fine.

Belly of the Beast unique chest will add huge survivability to your build.


Look for boots with:

+30 % increased movement speed

+ to maximum life

+ resistances


+to maximum life




Leather Belt

+to maximum life


+to maximum life


+any stats you’re lacking


+to maximum life


+any stats you’re lacking


Gameplay is straightforward, summon  skulls and watch them destroy everything in your path.

Positioning is the key with this build, you should never stand in 1 place. Summon couple of skulls, move forward or closer to next pack of monsters, summon couple more etc. You don’t want to be stationary while playing SRS necromancer.