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[2.6] Dual Warchief Totem Marauder (Berserker)

Intro & build description

Great build to start in new league with zero currency since it has no required items to work. It scales very well with currency  BiS items can get expensive (Atziri’s Disafavour) and gives insane damage boost.

Build Pros

  • Very cheap, great starting build
  • Doesn't require anything to ''work''
  • Excellent boss killer
  • Uber-lab farmer
  • Guardians/Shaper viable
  • Insane amounts of damage
  • Tanky
  • HC viable

Build Cons

  • Some people might find it tedious to play totem builds
  • Finding ''right'' rings can get expensive
  • BiS item for this build is Atziri's Disfavour, it is expensive

Passive tree(s)

Endgame build


NormalHelp Oak
Cruel Help Oak
Merciless Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

Labyrinth difficultySkill point choice
Normal labyrinthCrave of Slaughter
Cruel labyrinth Aspekt of Carnage
Merciless labyrinthWar Bringer
Uber labyrinthRite of Ruin

Skill gem setup


Cast When Damage Taken

Immortal Call

Increased Duration

Vaal Haste

Body Armor

Ancestral Warchierf

Melee Physical Damage

Melee Damage on Full Life

Posion Support

Faster Attacks

Increased Area of Effect


Leap Slam

Blood Magic

Faster Attacks

Enduring Cry


Rallying Cry

Increased Duration

Increased Area of Effect

Vaal Lightning Trap

2h Weapon


Arctic Armour

Herald of Ash

Enlighten Support

Cast When Damage Taken

Summon Flame Golem

1h Weapon


Offhand weapon / shield


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Devoto's Devotion

Use any helm you can find before you make enough currency for Devoto’s Devotion.

Body Armour

Belly of the Beast

Rare chest with high armor and life will serve you well till you can afford Belly of The Beast.


Veruso's Battering Rams

Any rare gloves with decent life and resistances will be just fine.


Vaal Greaves

Movement speed on boots is essential, pair it with some life and resistances and  we are good to go.

2Hand Weapon

Atziri's Disfavour


Leather Belt

Life, resistances, armor and weapon elemental damage.

Belt with all of these stats will be VERY expensive, choose 2 or 3 of stats above.


Turquoise Amulet

Find amulets with life, elemental resistances and/or stats needed for item requirement.

Right Ring


Any rare ring with resistances, life will be just fine. Voidheart is our BiS item for he build.

Left Ring

Two-Stone Ring

Try to cap resistances and stats needed for item requirement


Build in action, killing Shaper. (deathless)

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

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  1. i see you have jewel slots, but what jewels do you suggest for the build? also, what would you suggest as leveling as?

  2. why use voidheart if disfavor gives bleed and there is poison support in the 6L for warchief?

  3. Can you post up a few leveling trees to follow im not sure which way to go first on your endgame tree.

    Thank you for all the hardwork you guys do!!!

    • gems

      Truthfully, it doesn’t matter that much, just get a mix of life nodes and damage nodes – put more focus on your weapon while leveling. (I once leveled with around 20 points unallocated and still cleared incredibly fast 😀 ).

  4. WELL how does he runs ARtic armor Herald of ash and Hatred same time .. its 100% mana reserved-.- and skill tree does not have eny mana reserve passives…

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