[2.5.0] 25+ Strong builds for Breach challenge leagues

Hi. Here is your list of builds for Breach SC/HC leagues. These builds should get you going and kicking some ass, enjoy!

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1. CI Flameblast Elementalist

2. Path Of Exile Gems presents: Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer

3. Path of Exile Gems presents: Slayer Cycloner

4. [2.5] Ngamahu’s Flame Cyclone Raider

5. [Lighty] 2H RT Cyclone: ☠Great For Upcoming Breach League☠ Atziri Farming, Budget, Uber Lab, Eazy

6. Quadfire Chieftain – Searing Righteous Ray Firestorm!

7. JUGGERNAUT/BERSERKER 1H+Aegis Max Block&Spell Block Tank, Atziri Killer+a BoR version

8. Jagarnath, Destroyer of Maps (Cyclone-CoMK-Discharge) *Budget Build*

9. BERSERKER Ice Crash/Earthquake Crit Staff AKA “The Shattering Karui”

10. THE EA FUSE OVERLORD/Fastest HOGM carry service/[uber atziri/shaper/grandmaster/guardians]

11. RAIDER Tanky Crit Reave/Blade Flurry Dagger/Claw AR+EV+Block 120k+ DPS NO MIRRORED GEAR

12. Bladefall Totem’s – Cheap/Easy/T15/Atziri/UberLab

13. SC/HC Trickster Essence Drain Progression – Life to CI to LL

14. Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Inquisitor/Hierophant

15. Sovyn’s Lazy Pally – Tanky Templar with Max Block

16. Freezing Pulse Inquisitor. Perma-Freeze everything including Tier 15 bosses. 250K DPS

17. End Game Guardian Support! 7500ehp, 90% phys/84% ele res

18. PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build – Selffound possible!/Atziri Viable!

19. Hardcore Occultist Crit Spark Build

20. Muscallions Tripple flameblast elementalist totem

21. Spectral Gods: Goat Simulator Classic Summoner

22. Legasi’s Masterpiece – Trivialize Bossfights! Shaper Deathless! Boss Guides inside! HC

23. -273,15 °Crit-Trapper (Shaper farmer, deathless) + Budget Version (below 3 exa)

24. The Soulcaster, Blight Occultist by CantripN (WIP)

25. Zyget’s Leech Cyclone Slayer

26. Unstoppable Gladiator 78% Max Block/Spells. 240K DPS Static Strike. Low Budget League Starter

27. Poison BV IW MoM Dual Curse – 150k DPS – 46% Ele & 66% Phys Mitigation – 1k Regen – 7.6k Life

[2.4.0][Atlas of worlds] – 25 Excellent PoE builds for Essence leagues

Hi. Here is your list of builds for Atlas of Worlds expansion and Essence SC/HC leagues. These builds should get you going and kicking some ass, enjoy!

ATTENTION! There is new list of builds for Breach challenge leagues, check it out!

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2. CHAMPION inexpensive Cyclone, Uberlab farmer

3. How to Flicker. Two Handed Weapon Edition!

4. The Warchief – [Berserker] Ancestral Warchief – over 2m dps – Uber Farmer

5. Axe Earthquake Berserker + Videos! 8k Life, 7 End.Charges, 400k peak EQ

6. Jagarnath, Destroyer of Maps (Cyclone-CoMK-Discharge) *Budget Build*

7. Searing Bond – Reverse Shockwave Totem – Chieftan | Budget | The Original SB Atziri killer

8. Pathfinder Explosive Arrow build With Video guide

9. “The Kärcher” Lightning Strike Deadeye. Extreme Clear Speed. 75%/74% Dodge A/S

10. Caustic Arrow High Speed Flexible Magic Find

11. Bladefall Totem’s – Cheap/Easy/T15/Atziri

12. The Curse Whisperer – Tri-Curse CI AoF Whispering Ice Eleraider

13. Say_Ten’s Double Strike/Spectral Throw Melee Scion

14. [HC/SC] [20 Blades] Tankster Blade Vortex MoM Poison [crit/non crit] [Atziri Farm with 4L]

15. 2.4 Arc Miner build – Fast Clear + Very Low Budget

16. CI Bladefall Trapper – High tier mapping – EV/ES/Block

17. Chill and Breathe: An Arctic Breath Totem Build

18. Inquisitor Ice Crash, THE ICE AGEEE!!!

19. End Game Guardian Support! 7500ehp, 90% phys/84% ele res.

20. Hierophant Tank -8L EQ- 216% Life- Max Block (78/78)

21. Freeze+Shock Storm Call Inquisitor build for high-tier maps

22. Mjölner Science Inquisitor lvl 100 Crit Discharge Life based

23. Freezing Pulse Inquisitor. Perma-Freeze Everything

24. Low-Life Hierophant SWT – It’s easier than you think – HC/Atziri viable and beginner friendly

25. Witch – Flameblast Vortex Arc Fire Storm Ice Nova Ball Lightninig, strong and cheap video guide

[2.3.0] 15 PoE builds for Prophecy challenge leagues

Hi. Prophecy challenge leagues start on 3rd of June, so here are some great builds for the leagues, enjoy!

1. Cheap, tanky, reflect immune low life Kinetic blast champion

2. God of AOE dagger reave slayer

3. Crit ele flicker-cycloner

4. Cantrip’s guide to Ethereal Knives. 7K Life, Great DPS!

5. Milky’s Dual Righteous Fire Totems [cheap, SC/HC, UberAtziri, T15]

6. Reverse heavy strike berserker

7. Beginner-friendly dual ballista (Cheap, all map mods)

8. Crit Facebreakers (very high aoe dps)

9. PhysSpell CoC Cyclone Shadow

10. Tri curse essence drain / contagion trickster

11. Storm call inquisitor build

12. Low life tanky righteous fire witch (t15maps / uber Atziri viable)

13. Full fire conversion arc build

14. Cheap Ele proliferation flameblast

15. Detonate dead elementalist

Ascendancy Labyrinth guide – 10 quick tips

Hi, as labyrinth is pretty darn tricky, I will give you 10 quick tips on how to make your experience better while trying to complete it.

1. Get flask that removes bleed – some traps inside labyrinth apply bleed and having a way to remove it is essential

2. Do not leave labyrinth – as soon as you do, it will reset and you will have to start it all over again. Leaving includes going to town by using portal, logging out etc.

3. If possible, get some life regeneration. If your flasks are empty, it can be very dangerous to continue running through labyrinth with less than full life. Life regeneration can be huge help in situation like that.

4. Get movement speed. Having quicksilver flask in your inventory can be very benificial, boots with 30% movement speed as well. You should also have movement skill – Lightning warp, leap slam, flame dash, whirling blades to quickly move through places you can.

5. Don’t use darkshrines. Of course, they can have benificial effects, but in my experience, mostly it’s not worth the risk.

6. Be overleveled. When your level is higher, you have access to more passive points, therefore more damage, survivability and perhaps speed, use that to your advantage for quicker runs.

7. Do not rush. There aren’t any legitimate reasons to try and finish the labyrinth very quickly in your first few runs. Take your time and learn the mechanics before moving on to quick runs for the rewards.

8. Get cast when damage taken setup. Immortal call is extremely useful here because it renders you immune to physical damage for brief amounts of time which can save your life more than once.

9. Bring any type of totem skill. You can block several traps with your totem and by doing that avoid taking damage yourself. For example, you can put your totem in front of the spike shooting trap and just run by it unscathed.

10. In the boss fight, movement is key. Try to avoid staying in one position for very long, bosses attack quickly and deadly if you do not try to dodge and they attack at the same time (Izaro and green orb throwing lady), so move as much as possible while still doing damage to them.

[2.2] 15 Ascendancy ready Path of Exile builds

Path of exile ascendancy

Good evening! Ascendancy is dropping in 4 days so here is your usual build list for new leagues, hope you find something you want to play! Enjoy!

1. Wraeclast Janitor | 2h sweep build

2. King’s “Close Stalker” – Blast Rain + Puncture Trap + 50/25 Block

3. GLADIATOR 1H+Aegis Max Block&Spell Block Tank, Atziri Killer

4. “Conan the Barista” 2H RT Sword Chieftain by fiqst

5. Milky’s Dual Righteous Fire Totems (cheap, SC/HC, Atziri viable, T15 maps viable)

6. DEADEYE Caustic Arrow DPS-focused 5-6k+ life Atziri Killer (40k+ DPS)

7. Blade Vortex FLASK MASTER. 88% All Res, 75/75 Block, 500-800k DPS, INSTANT LEECH

8. Very cheap CI storm call

9. The Guardian Auromancer,14 Auras 3-4 extra Curses End-game party support build

10. Incinerate MF Templar build

11. Iron Will Arc Templar

12. Thor, the Lightning God (Life Arc Mjolner / Triple Curse Blasphemy (HC and SC)

13. Culler-support. Now also budget! – Full MF | 12.6kES | 7 Auras + Guardian

14. King’s “Jupiter Ascendant” – 4 curse hybrid non crit Arcer (HC viable)

15. RAIDER Tanky Crit Reave Dagger/Claw AR+EV+Block Ranger 120k+ DPS NO MIRRORED GEAR

[2.1.0] 15 Great builds for Talisman challenge leagues

Hey there, my fellow Path of Exile players! Highly anticipated talisman challenge leagues are only 2 days away from being live on servers and I thought you could use few build suggestions. After watching trailers, I am really excited about the leagues because there’s quite a lot of new stuff introduced to the game. Chaos damage skills look really interesting and I can’t wait to use Blasphemy support gem to run curses as auras. Alright, so here come the builds, hope you find them useful!


Talisman league builds

1. Grocery’s High dps Rain of arrows build compendium (Phys/ele/phys2ele)

2. Curse/Aura Ball of lightning Ranger

3. Zizarans reave Ranger

4. MoM/EB/ZO Contagion Trapper with triple curses

5. CoC Blade Vortex

6. Contagion/Essence drain witch

7. Dual Curse Bladefall witch

8. Endgame Culler-Support (Only group play)

9. CoMK With Oro’s Sacrifice (Atziri Viable)

10. CoC Staff Cyclone build

11. Cantrip’s Ethereal Knives build

12. GunFinX’s SRS Magic finder

13. Siege Ballista Marauder build

14. High DPS Spectral throw/Double strike duelist build

15. Cheap, High dps Molten strike claw build

40 Popular Path of Exile uniques | What makes Shavs and other items expensive?

Path of exile uniques

When you’re new to the game, grasping some concepts might be a bit challenging, especially with unique items. There is tons of them and in this guide I am going to review some Path of Exile uniques and their stats to clear up why some of them are priced so high.
In Path of Exile, very many uniques are used as build-enablers, one example is Whispering Ice staff – it is the only way of obtaining and using Icestorm skill. There are plenty more and I am going to write about them in this guide.

1. Shavronne’s Wrappings

Often referred to as Shavs in game, this chest armor has been one of the most expensive items in Path of Exile for quite some time. The main reason Shavronne’s Wrappings were (and is relatively expensive) expensive is because of “Chaos Damage does not bypass Energy Shield” unique affix in combination with pretty nice amount of energy shield on the item. There is also Solaris Lorica which has been called poor man’s shavs because it does not offer any energy shield for its owner. If Chaos damage cannot bypass energy shield, it opens up a great possibility for low life builds that can utilize Pain attunement to gain more damage or run more auras that are linked to blood magic and reserves life instead of mana.

2. Mjolner

Mjolner is popular one-handed mace that is used as build-enabler. One of the most popular builds it is used in is called Rainbownuke because of its colorful skills and how discharge looks when its used. Mjolner is so expensive because of its “Skills Chain +1 times” and “30% chance to Cast Socketed Lightning Spells on Hit” which most of the time means socketing lightning skill gems into the item and for example using Molten strike, socketed in chest armor to proc socketed lighting skills many times in short time span. Mjolner very often used together with Voll’s Devotion amulet because it helps generating charges for the Discharge skill and therefore gives you more damage/survivability. Mjolner builds dish out huge amounts of damage and has tremendous survivability, however they are generally pretty expensive.

3. Astramentis

Astramentis is unique amulet and is mostly sought-after when you are in great need of attributes like Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity. It offers +80 – +100 to all attributes depending on the roll. Astramentis is sometimes used together with Mjolner because of its huge attribute requirements.

4. Doryani’s Invitation

Doryani’s Invitation is belt dropped by Atziri which comes in 4 variants – physical, cold, fire and lightning. Doryani’s Invitation is generally pretty well-rounded belt which offers some armor, damage (depends on the variant), resistances and chance to freeze, ignite and shock. Do not forget about elemental leech, the amount is small but it can be noticeable if you are going crit build and deal a lot of damage.

5. Headhunter

This is one of the most expensive items currently in the game. Headhunter allows you to steal their mods from Rare monsters when you kill them. It is extremely powerful, take a look.
While being very powerful, it is also extremely rare and only obtainable through divination cards or using Orbs of Chance on Leather belts while being in map with Nemesis mod (it can drop there as well, but it’s so rare that it can be considered near impossible).

6. Divination Distillate

This flask is very useful for those who like to run increased item rarity/quantity on their builds. Not only it gives you 40 – 60 % rarity/ 12 – 18 % quantity, it also gives you +6% to all maximum elemental resistances during flask effect, which can be huge in some situations.

7. Rumi’s Concotion

Rumi’s offers you armor boost in combination with block/spell block during flask effect which makes it one of the best defensive flasks in game.

8. Taste of Hate

One more great flask for damage and survivability. Taste of Hate really shines on physical damage builds that use armor as primary way damage mitigation. “30% of Physical Damage taken as Cold Damage during flask effect” is great defensive option which helps mitigate 30% of incoming physical damage converting it to Cold and taking advantage of high cold resistance. 30% of physical damage as cold is pretty neat damage boost, it is only 6% less damage than level 21 hatred which makes the flask great option for physical builds.

9. Drillneck

This is great quiver for builds that use pierce as mechanic. Drillneck is the only item in game with “Projectile Damage increased by Arrow Pierce Chance” unique affix which makes it awesome for certain builds. Great example is Poison Arrow builds – it offers great damage boost if build has selected pierce chance in skill tree.

10. Andvarius

This is one of the most popular options for high IIQ/IIR builds – it offers up to 85% increased rarity if it has perfect implicit and perfect roll on the ring.

11. Gifts from Above

Very nice ring for builds that utilize crit and want some extra rarity for items dropped. It should work great together with Windripper builds which also offers increased rarity of items dropped by monsters.

12. Le Heup of All

Pretty good all-around ring. It has “10 – 20% increased Damage” unique affix which is great for some builds with limited scaling because it increases any damage. It also has 10 – 20% to all resists and 10 – 20% increased item rarity which makes it nice option for some builds.

13. The Taming

Great ring for some builds and some combinations because of “10% increased Damage per Freeze, Shock and Ignite on Enemy “. In combination with Emberwake ring, the potential damage increase is huge because of multiple stacking ignites. The Taming itself has very nice unique affixes besides the damage increase – resists, elemental damage and increased chance to apply elemental status ailments.The Taming is obtained by combining 3 Berek’s Rings – Berek’s Pass, Berek’s Respite and Berek’s Grip.

14. Ventor’s Gamble

Fairly recently added to the game, Ventor’s Gamble might be the best ring for IIR/IIQ characters, however only if it’s rolled well. The thing with this ring is – it can go both ways from reduced IIR/IIQ and resists to increased IIR/IIQ. It is really a gamble because you have to use Divine Orbs to roll it which are not the cheapest currency in the game.

15. Belly of the Beast

Neat chest armor which offers its wearer 30 – 40% increased life. High life is great for mostly any build but it’s very nice on melee builds that have to withstand some punishment.

16. Carcass Jack

Carcass Jack is good option in terms of damage. It offers increased area of effect and area damage for skills which makes it great for lots of aoe builds. It also has pretty good evasion and energy shield in combination with life and a bit of resists.

17. Greed’s Embrace

Only chest armor that offers increased rarity/quantity to its wearer. It has -resistances on it but that mostly is non-factor because they can be capped using other pieces of gear. Increased movement speed on the armor is nice too because it allows faster clearspeed therefore more items/hour.

18. Kaom’s Heart

One of the most popular chest pieces that has been in the game for long time. It offers +500 to max life and increased fire damage for its wearer with the cost of all sockets in chest piece. Kaom’s Heart gives you huge life pool which makes it extremely potent item for Righteous fire builds because they utilize every single aspect of the item.

19. Lightning Coil

Lightning Coil has the property “30% of Physical Damage taken as Lightning Damage” which makes it great choice for builds that have to take physical damage. Because of this property, Lightning Coil is great defensive item and with high lightning resist, you can mitigate a lot of physical damage.

20. Tabula Rasa

Tabula rasa is budget option for people that need 6-linked chest armor. It is blank chest piece with 6-linked white sockets.

21. Voll’s Protector

Voll’s Protector is in itself very cheap item which starts to shine when it’s 5-linked and 6-linked. Voll’s protector is great with builds that have to expend and quickly regain power charges such as discharger build and is also great with cast on crit builds.

22. Atziri’s Acuity

This is mostly considered the best pair of gloves currently in the game. Atiziri’s Acuity can be obtained as drop from Uber atizri or from divination cards which makes these gloves pretty rare and expensive. Very high armor, high intelligence, life, crit chance and insta-leech makes this item very powerful and useful for crit based builds.

23. Facebreaker

This is interesting, build-enabling pair of gloves. Facebreaker is unique with the “600 – 800% more Unarmed Physical Damage” property which allows some interesting builds that utlize physical damage and + to unarmed radius. One good example is facebreaker cyclone build which is very fun to play.

24. Maligaro’s Virtuosity

Great damage gloves for crit builds – Maligaro’s offers crit chance, crit multiplier and attack speed which makes them very good.

25. Voidbringer

Powerful pair for builds utilizing spell damage. 125 – 150% crit chance for spells, high energy shield and +1 to level of elemental gems makes this pair very useful for crit spellcasters. It, however, comes with drawback – your mana cost of skills is increased by 80%.

26. Alpha’s Howl

This helmet is great for several reasons – you cannot be frozen while wearing this item, auras in this item have +2 to their level and mana reserved is reduced by 8%. This makes Alpha’s Howl great for builds that want to run powerful auras for damage and survivability.

27. The Bringer of Rain

This was very popular item a while back; almost every melee build out there was running with it because of the power of this item. It has many desireable properties – physical damage to attacks, high life, chance to block and more importantly, gems in this item are supported by blind, faster attacks and melee physical damage – making this item essentially a 7-link. Wearing Bringer of the Rain, however, has a drawback – you cannot use chest armor.

28. Crown of Eyes

This also was popular item a while back before its nerf – low life builds used this helm in combination with Shavronne’s Wrappings to achieve huge dps. People downed Uber Atziri in a matter of seconds, of course, they were using powerful hybrid daggers with spell damage and physical damage that took advantage of Crown of Eyes unique property – “Increases and Reductions to Spell Damage also apply to Attacks”.

29. Scold’s Bridle

Relatively new item to the game with 80 – 100% increased spell damage mod on it and another, unique mod – “Your Skills deal you 400% of Mana Cost as Physical Damage”. This is only item which offers this mod, that being said, people have come up with very unique and interesting character builds that utilize this property.

30. Great Old One’s Ward

This is good shield for builds that want damage – good example would be cyclone build that uses Abyssus helm. Physical damage to attacks, attack speed and life makes this shield very desirable for damage oriented physical builds.

31. Rise of the Phoenix

This unique shield has been core item for Righteous Fire builds for some time. Most noteworthy mod on this item is +8% to max fire resistance which allows you to reach more than 90% fire resist with some passive skills.

32. Atziri’s Disfavour

Very powerful item which can only be obtained by killing Uber Atziri or divination cards. It has very desirable options for 2-handed cyclone builds as an example – very high physical damage, +2 to weapon range, bleeding on hit and +2 to levels of support gems in this item.

33. Voltaxic Rift

This is bow that was extremely expensive a while back and now has fallen in terms of monetary value a lot. I, however, do think that this is still extremely powerful and fun item to build around. It has unique properties that make it stand out – “100% of Lightning Damage Converted to Chaos Damage ” and “Your chaos damage can shock”. These 2 properties make it very awesome item for Lightning arrow builds. Last build I played was Voltaxic LA build by ad1ce and it has became my favourite Path of Exile build. Check it out here – Build guide

34. Windripper

Great bow for elemental crit builds. Not only it has high crit chance, shocked and frozen enemies killed by this bow drop items with increased IIR/IIQ. This synergizes well with Gifts from Above ring and gives you great boost to rarity.

35. Quill Rain

While not expensive, this is the fastest-shooting bow in this game with 3 attacks per second. The bow is popular with Explosive Arrow builds that focus on shooting as many arrows as possible in short amount of time.

36. Pledge of Hands

One of my favourite items to use on spellcaster builds. Not only it has 120 – 160% increased spell damage, it also gives you tons of mana and gems in this item are supported by level 30 spell echo which makes it powerful potential 7-linked staff for casters.

37. Sire of Shards

One more item that was introduced to the game fairly recently and has unique property which allows some interesting character builds. Socketed gems in this staff fire 4 additional projectiles and socketed gems fire projectiles in nova. This means, basically any skill gem that shoots projectile, can be made as nova build. This staff also works on spell totems which is pretty cool. Here you can take a look at spell interactions with this staff

38. Void Battery

Hands down one of the most powerful unique items in the game. While it reduces your spell damage by 80%, it gives you +1 maximum power charge and increases your spell damage by 25% for every power charge you have. It also gives you crit, cast speed and mana, which is good bonus. People have achieved extremely high dps by using 2 of these wands – you can check out the build here. Build

39. Voll’s Devotion

This is expensive amulet that is often utilized in combination with Mjolner builds. The property that makes it so expensive is “Gain an Endurance Charge when a Power Charge expires or is consumed” therefore it gives you tons of endurance charges when you use Voll’s Protector or other power charge-generaing items. This amulet can only be obtained in maps that have Anarchy/Onslaught Zana mod or by divination cards and that only adds to it’s value.

40. Romira’s Banquet

This is one more ring with interesting properties. “Gain a Power Charge on non-Critical Strike &
Lose all Power Charges on Critical Strike” makes it great on builds that utilize power charges and Resolute Technique. Good example is Mjolner discharge build.

10 Awesome PoE builds for One month flashback leagues

Hi, I’s been a while since I last posted and one month flashback leagues are coming on October 2nd. I decided to get together some cheap poe builds (relatively) that should help you survive, clear well and overall be successful as your 1st character in new league.

A little about flashback leagues – they feature stuff (mods) from previous leagues that changes every few days. Here is the schedule of the mods (from official Path of Exile forum post):

  • Days 1-4: Warbands, Invasion, Nemesis, Domination.
  • Days 5-7: Warbands, Anarchy, Bloodlines, Beyond.
  • Days 8-9: All league mods excluding Tempest.
  • Days 10-12: Tempest, Domination, Nemesis, Beyond.
  • Days 13-14: Tempest, Ambush, Invasion, Torment.
  • Days 15-16: All league mods excluding Warbands.
  • Days 17-19: Warbands, Anarchy, Nemesis, Invasion, Torment.
  • Days 20-21: Warbands, Rampage, Ambush, Beyond, Onslaught.
  • Days 22-23: All league mods excluding Tempest.
  • Days 24-26: Tempest, Rampage, Bloodlines, Invasion, Nemesis, Torment.
  • Days 27-28: Tempest, Beyond, Rampage, Ambush, Domination, Onslaught.
  • Days 29-31: All league mods excluding Warbands.

With new leagues come new challenges and people who complete them, get Golden Seraph set. There are other prizes for different accomplishments such as highest experience, you can see the full list by checking Path of Exile forums.

And at last, here comes the list of builds:

1. Dual flame totem build. Requires almost no investment to deal good damage, you can even do well with only a 4-linked item. Link

2. “The Matriarch” summoner build. It is cheap, can be equipped with high IIR/IIQ items and can clear well. Link

3. Summon raging spirits (SRS) build. Cheap, beginner-friendly build can be equipped with high IIR/IIQ, even Uber-Atziri capable if you have skills for it. Link

4. Neversink’s Tornado shot ranger. Very nicely written guide with lots of details about the build. Link

5. Whaitiri’s Crit Arc Witch. Beginner-friendly, extremely fast clearing and high IIR/IIQ viable build. From my experience Arc doesn’t require lots of investment therefore can be nice for 1st build in new league. Link

6. 2h RT (resolute technique) cycloner. Cheap, Atziri capable build for melee enthusiasts. Link

7. Tanky Righteous Fire Incinerator. Fairly cheap, great for beginners because it doesn’t involve lots of confusing mechanics. Also viable for HC. Link

8. 2h Flicker strike build. Detailed and well-explained guide everyone should understand. Needs a few items, but still good build as your first character. Link

9. Molten strike claw build. Very high dps, atziri and endgame capable build which doesn’t require lots of investment. Link

10. Ziggy D’s Explosive arrow build. This is nice budget build that made Quill Rain go up in price in Tempest. The build is cheap, survives game’s content very well. Link

[Guide] Divination cards: drop locations and drop rate

path of exile divination cards

Hi there! It has been a while since Path of Exile Awakening hit live and I got to play non-beta. One of the most fun and rewarding things that have been added were Divination cards. I decided to compile a table with Divination cards drop locations, approximate drop rate which is based on rarity tiers starting with the most common: Very Common – Common – Semi-Common – Uncommon – Semi-Rare – Rare – Very Rare – Extremely Rare. Tiers are based loosely on availability of the cards on poe.trade, how expensive or rare the item in the cards is and my personal experience while farming them. Also, if I have missed something, feel free to leave comments and I will add the missing info, peace!

Card Card name Set Card Reward Drop location(s) Difficulty of Finding
abandoned_wealth Abandoned Wealth 5 3 Exalted Orbs Arsenal Map Very Rare
anarchy_price Anarchy’s price 13 Voltaxic rift (Corrupted) Drops from Rogue exiles Rare
 assasins_fav Assassin’s favour 9 Unique dagger The Marketplace (all difficulties)
Bazaar map
 aesthete The Aesthete 8 Any Shavronne unique item Shavronne of Umbra (monster)
Prodigy of Darkness (monster)
Very Rare
 audacity Audacity 5 Doryani’s fist (Corrupted) The Apex of Sacrifice Uncommon
the_artist The Artist 11 Lvl 4 Enhance Support Gem (Corrupted) Overgrown Ruin Map Very Rare
the_avenger The Avenger 12 Mjölner, Gavel (Corrupted) Torture Chamber Map
Bazaar Map
the_battle_born The Battle Born 5 Unique Axe (Can be any of these as far as I know) Kaom’s Dream (All difficulties)
Kaom’s Path (All difficulties)
Kaom’s Stronghold (All difficulties)
Volcano Map
the_betrayal The Betrayal 9 Maligaro’s Virtuosity, Deerskin Gloves The Broken Bridge (Merciless difficulty)
The Western Forest (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Wetlands (Merciless difficulty)
 blind_venture Blind Venture 7 Unique Ring (Corrupted) Museum map Semi-Rare
 bowyers_dream Bowyer’s Dream 6 Six-linked Harbinger bow (itemlevel 91) Lord of the Bow (monster) Rare
birth_of_three Birth of the Three 3 The Goddess Bound, Whalebone Rapier The Coast (Cruel difficulty) Common
brittle_emperor The Brittle Emperor 8 Voll’s Devotion, Agate Amulet (Corrupted) Voll, Emperor of Purity (Merciless difficulty) Very Rare

carrion_crow The Carrion Crow 4 Random magic armor item with life affix The Western Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
The City of Sarn (All difficulties)
The Sewer Waterway (All difficulties)
The Battlefront (All difficulties)
The Aqueduct (All difficulties)
The Ebony Barracks (All difficulties)
Colonnade Map
Very Common
 cartographer The Cartographer 1 10 Cartographer’s Chisels Cartographer’s Strongbox Very Rare
cataclysm The Cataclysm 13 Lvl 21 Spell Gem (Corrupted) Corrupted Areas Uncommon
 catalyst The Catalyst 3 Vaal Orb The Vaal Ruins (all difficulties) Very Common
celestial_justicar The Celestial Justicar 6 Six-Link Normal Astral Plate The Fellshrine Ruins (Merciless difficulty)
Graveyard Map
chains_that_bind The Chains that Bind 11 Six-Link Normal Chest Armor The Crematorium (Merciless difficulty)
Crematorium Map
chao_disposition Chaotic Disposition 1 5 Chaos Orbs Poorjoy’s Asylum Map Uncommon
 conduit The Conduit 9 Doryani’s Fist The High Templar (Dominus boss) Uncommon
coveted_posession Coveted Possession 9 5 Regal Orbs The Catacombs (Merciless)
Catacomb Map
dark_mage The Dark Mage 6 Six-Link Normal Staff The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
Overgrown Ruin Map
 death Death 4 Mon’tregul’s Grasp The Fetid Pool (All difficulties)
Bog map
Mud Geyser map
the_doctor The Doctor 8 Headhunter, Leather Belt Springs Map Extremely Rare

doedres_madness Doedre’s Madness 9 Doedre’s Damning, Paua Ring
Doedre’s Elixir, Greater Mana Flask
Doedre’s Scorn, Lunaris Circlet
Doedre’s Tenure, Velvet Gloves
The Harvest (All difficulties) Semi-Common
 doppelganger The Doppelganger 2 +20% quality Mirror Arrow The Crossroads (All difficulties) Semi-Common
 dragons_heart The Dragon’s Heart 11 Lvl 4 Empower (Corrupted) Abyss map Very Rare
drunken_aristocrat The Drunken Aristocrat 8 Divination Distillate, Large Hybrid Flask The Sceptre of God (Normal, Cruel difficulties)
The Upper Sceptre of God (All difficulties)
Palace Map
Residence Map
Villa Map
emperors_luck Emperor’s Luck 5 Random Currency x5 (All the same) The Imperial Gardens (All difficulties)
Courtyard Map
Orchard Map
enroaching_darkness The Encroaching Darkness 8 Unique Map (Corrupted) The Vaal Ruins (Merciless difficulty) Uncommon
 enlightened The Enlightened 6 Lvl 3 Enlighten Dry Woods map Very Rare
the_explorer The Explorer 6 Rare Map (Corrupted) The Dread Thicket (Merciless difficulty)

Thicket Map

the_feast The Feast 5 Romira’s Banquet, Diamond Ring (Corrupted) The Slums Sewers (All difficulties)
The Warehouse Sewers (All difficulties)
Sewer Map
Waste Pool Map
the_fiend The Fiend 11 Headhunter, Leather Belt (Corrupted) Shrine Map Extremely Rare
 fletcher The Fletcher 5 Drillneck (Corrupted) Ironpoint the Forsaken ( monster) Rare
floras_gift The Flora’s Gift 5 5-Link Staff (Item level 66) Tropical Island Map Very Common
 fox The Fox 6 Lvl 20 Gem The Old Fields (All difficulties)
The Crossroads (All difficulties)
The Broken Bridge (All difficulties)
The Fellshrine Ruins (All difficulties)
The Riverways (All difficulties)
The Western Forest (All difficulties)
The Wetlands (All difficulties)
The Northern Forest (All difficulties)
Village Ruin map
the_gambler The Gambler 5 Random Divination Card Any Map Common
the_gemcutter The Gemcutter 3 1 Gemcutter’s Prism The Mines Level 1 (All difficulties)
The Mines Level 2 (All difficulties)
The Crystal Veins (All difficulties)
Excavation Map
Quarry Map
gemcutters_promise Gemcutter’s Promise 3 Random Skill Gem with +20% Quality The Ebony Barracks (All difficulties)
Promenade Map
Colonnade Map
 gentleman The Gentleman 4 Unique Sword (Corrupted) The Slums (All difficulties)
Precinct map
Ghetto map
 gift_gemling Gift of the Gemling Queen 9 Lvl 20 Support gem The Crystal Veins (Merciless difficulty) Uncommon
the_gladiator The Gladiator 5 The Bringer of Rain, Nightmare Bascinet
Devoto’s Devotion, Nightmare Bascinet
Daresso’s Dream (All difficulties)
The Grand Arena (All difficulties)
Pit Map
Arena Map
Colosseum Map
 grave_knowledge Grave Knowledge 6 +20% Quality Summon Raging Spirit gem The Crypt lvl 1 (All difficulties) Uncommon
the_hermit The Hermit 9 Lifesprig, Driftwood Wand The Broken Bridge (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Crossroads (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Dread Thicket (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Fellshrine Ruins (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Northern Forest (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Old Fields (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Riverways (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Southern Forest (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Western Forest (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Wetlands (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
hoarder The Hoarder 12 1 Exalted Orb The Belly of the Beast Level 1 (All difficulties)
The Belly of the Beast Level 2 (All diffuculties)
The Harvest (All difficulties)
hope Hope 5 Lori’s Lantern, Prismatic Ring (Corrupted)
The Taming, Prismatic Ring (Corrupted)
Thief’s Torment, Prismatic Ring (Corrupted)
Desert Map Tropical Island Map Rare
 house_ofmirrors House of Mirrors 9 Mirror of Kalandra Not yet known Extremely Rare
 hubris Hubris 5 Unique Ring Jeweller’s Strongbox Semi-Common
the_hunger The Hunger 9 Taste of Hate, Sapphire Flask The Harvest (Normal difficulty)
The Belly of the Beast (Normal difficulty)
Phantasmagoria Map
Very Rare
 hunters_resolve Hunter’s Resolve 8 Unique Bow The Riverways (Merciless difficulty)
Springs map
 hunters_reward Hunter’s Reward 3 The Taming Grotto map Very Rare
humility Humility 9 Tabula Rasa, Simple Robe The Aqueduct (All difficulties)
Channel Map
incantation The Incantation 4 The Whispering Ice, Vile Staff The Western Forest (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
Springs Map
 inoculated The Inoculated 4 Armor with Seraphim’s affix (Hybrid Energy shield affix) Shore Map Common
inventor The Inventor 6 10 Vaal Orbs The Ancient Pyramid (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
Vaal Pyramid Map
Maze Map
Jack_in_the_box Jack in the Box 4 Random Unique Item (Even league-exclusive uniques) The Battlefront (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The City of Sarn (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Docks (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Ebony Barracks (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Marketplace (Cruel?, Merciless difficulties)
The Slums (Cruel difficulty)
The Warehouse District (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
kings_blade The King’s Blade 5 Eternal Swort with Bloodthirsty Affix Pit Map
Daresso’s Dream (Merciless difficulty)
kings_heart The King’s Heart 8 Kaom’s Heart, Glorious Plate Abyss Map
Volcano Map
Very Rare
lantador Lantador’s Lost Love 7 Rare Two-Stone Ring Any act 1 area (All difficulties) Semi-Rare
 last_hope Last Hope 3 Mortal Hope Vaal Temple map Very Rare
last_standing The Last One Standing 10 Atziri’s Disfavour, Vaal Axe Hall of The Grandmasters Map Very Rare
 lich The Lich 12 Midnight Bargain (Corrupted) Sawbones (Monster) Rare
the_lover The Lover 2 Rare Jewelry (Item level 79) Graveyard Map
Necropolis Map
Maelström of Chaos Map
 loyalty Loyalty 5 3 Orbs of Fusing The Den (All difficulties) Common
lucky_connections Lucky Connections 7 20 Orbs of Fusing The Docks (All difficulties)
Wharf Map
Pier Map
Shipyard Map
metalsmiths_gift The Metalsmith’s Gift 6 Normal Prismatic Ring The Fetid Pool (All difficulties)
The Mud Flats (All difficulties)
Temple Map
Very common
 mercenary The Mercenary 5 Unique Shield The Broken Bridge (All difficulties)
Gorge map
Coves map
 merciless_armament Merciless Armament 4 Two Hand weapon with merciless affix Colonnade Map Very Rare
one_with_all The One With All 6 Le Heup of All, Iron Ring Tidal Island (Merciless difficulty) Very Rare
pack_leader The Pack Leader 5 Alpha’s Howl, Sinner Tricorne Jungle Valley Map Rare
pact The Pact 9 Pledge of Hands, Judgement Staff The Docks (Merciless difficulty)
Shipyard Map
Very Rare
poet The Poet 9 Blood of Corruption, Amber Amulet (Corrupted) The Marketplace (Normal difficulty)
Arcade Map
 pride_before_fall Name 8 Pride Before the Fall The Coast (Merciless difficulty)
The Tidal Island (Merciless difficulty)
Mud Flats (Merciless difficulty)
The Ledge (Merciless difficulty)
The Climb (Merciless difficulty)
The Ship Graveyard (Merciless difficulty)
queen The Queen 16 Atziri’s Acuity, Vaal Gauntlets Vaults of Atziri Map Extremely Rare
Rain_of_chaos Rain of Chaos 8 1 Chaos Orb The Crossroads (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
Village Ruin Map
road_to_power The Road to Power 7 Magic One-handed weapon with Runic affix (Item level 100) The Fellshrine Ruins (Cruel difficulty)
Shore Map
Orchard Map
scarred_meadow The Scarred Meadow 9 Wake of Destruction, Mesh Boots The Old Fields
Dry Peninsula Map
the_scholar The Scholar 3 40 Scrolls of Wisdom The Archives (All difficulties)
The Library (All difficulties)
Museum Map
Academy Map
Very Common
 scholar_seas Scholar of the Seas 7 Mao kun map The Ship Graveyard (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
Coves map
Reef map
the_siren The Siren 7 Whispering Ice, Vile Staff (Corrupted) Graveyard Map Rare
spoiled_prince The Spoiled Prince 4 Magic Prophecy Wand with Dictator’s Affix Museum Map Semi-Rare
summoner The Summoner 6 Random Minion Gem with +20% Quality The Fetid Pool (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Lower Prison (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Upper Prison (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Catacombs (Merciless difficulty)
The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Crypt Level 2 (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
Acton’s Nightmare Map
The Coward’s Trial Map
Dungeon Map
Necropolis Map
sun The Sun 7 Rise of the Phoenix, Mosaic Kite Shield The Solaris Temple (All difficulties)
Temple Map
 surgeon The Surgeon 4 Flask with Surgeon’s Affix The Chamber of Sins lvl 2 (All difficulties) Semi-Common
 surveyor The Surveyor 4 Any Tier 14 Map Phantasmagoria map

Malformation map

Core map


 survivalist The Survivalist 3 7 Orbs of Alchemy The Flooded Depths (Any difficulty) Uncommon
 thaumaturgist The Thaumaturgist 8 Shavronne’s Revelation (Corrupted) Shrine map Very Rare
three_faces_dark Three Faces in the Dark 7 3 Chaos Orbs The Warehouse District (All difficulties)
The Marketplace (All difficulties)
Arsenal Map
Village Ruin Map
time_lost_relic Time-lost relic 10 Any league-specific unique item Excavation Map Very Rare
 tower The Tower 6 Unique Staff The Upper Sceptre of God
Residence map
Palace map
 trial The Trial 7 Rare tier 15 map (Corrupted) Academy map
Arid Lake map
Bazaar map
Canyon map
Cells map
Crematorium map
Jungle Valley map
Malformation map
Necropolis map
Orchard map
Plateau map
Precinct map
Residence map
Springs map
Underground Sea map
Underground River map
Waste Pool map
 twins The Twins 8 Gemini claw with Celebration affix (attack speed) itemlevel: 83 Residence map
Temple map
Palace map
the_union The Union 7 10 Gemcutter’s Prisms The Fellshrine Ruins (Cruel, Merciless difficulties) Semi-Rare
 vast The Vast 7 Song of the Sirens Coves Map Extremely Rare
vinias_token Vinia’s Token 5 10 Orbs of Regret The Crematorium (Merciless difficulty)
The Lunaris Temple Level 1 (Merciless difficulty)
The Lunaris Temple Level 2 (Merciless difficulty)
Temple Map
 volatile_power Volatile Power 9 +20% Quality Vaal gem The Mines Level 2 (All difficulties)
The Crystal Veins (All difficulties)
Excavation map
Quarry map
warden The Warden 4 Random Rare Amulet (Corrupted) The Lower Prison (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
The Upper Prison (Cruel, Merciless difficulties)
Dungeon Map
Very Common
watcher The Watcher 12 Crown of Eyes, Hubris Circlet Quarry Map Very Rare
 wealth_power Wealth and Power 11 Level 4 Enlighten (Corrupted) The Lunaris Temple Level 2 (Merciless difficulty) Very Rare
wind The Wind 7 Windripper, Imperial Bow Jungle Valley Map Very Rare
wrath The Wrath 8 10 Chaos Orbs The Cavern of Wrath (Cruel difficulty) Rare

20+ builds ready for Awakening release [2.0.0]


Hi there! As Awakening release is only 2 days and few hours away, I decided to compile a list of builds ready for the expansion for those who hasn’t decided what they’re going to play yet. Enjoy!

2h Ice crash build

Dual flame totems build (beginner friendly)

Crit shock nova build

Wild strike build (build is still in process of theorycrafting though)

Freezing pulse crit totems

Crit reave with Relentless fury axe

Non-crit Lioneyes lighting arrow build

Zombie summoner build

Crit split arrow + chain build

Budget hybrid wander

Crit arc

Poison arrow trapper

Fire nova mine build

Storm call totems build

Epic Momma build (EB + EK + MoM + AA)

Cast on crit discharger (Popularized by Mathil)

Ice spear + chain + GMP build

Dual totem crit ball lightning build

Facebreaker cyclone build

Dual wielding molten strike tank

5 Builds added 11.07.2015

Neversink’s Tornado & split arrow guide (beginner friendly and Uber Atziri capable with good gear)

Poison arrow solo map MF’er (300+ rarity)

Eva/block + max spellblock Lightning strike build (Uber Atziri capable)

Dual wield ice crash duelist (200k+ dps)

Blood magic discharger