Path of Exile Awakening: What’s new

Path of Exile Awakening

Path of Exile: Awakening closed beta has been running for a while and there have been 1 character wipe already. Quite a few people have been invited but now it is possible to purchase the privilege of being the one of closed beta players by paying $30-$1100 for supporter packs, each of which includes closed beta access. I had a chance to try it out a bit and would like to write about what awesome things are to be introduced to the game.

Act 4 – Highgate

Awakening is the expansion in which long awaited act 4 is added to the game. It seems very intriguing lore-wise because players get to fight well known personalities from Wraeclast – Kaom, Daresso, Voll for example. Also, we can expect map system to be revamped a little, the lowest map level is 68 now, highest – over 80. Some maps have their level swapped, for example Orchard map is now considered as one of the high level maps. Some unique maps have their base changed, for example Olmec’s Sanctum is catacomb map instead of maze.


This is great news for people who love companionship while playing the game. They might not be real players, but they are badass. There are 3 golem skills for now – summon chaos golem, summon flame golem and summon ice golem. Each of the golem type has their unique ability – chaos golem provides physical damage reduction for you and uses melee to attack. Flame golem keeps its distance from monsters and acts like a turret shooting them with fire projectile attacks, in addition to that, golem gives its master damage increase. Ice golem is the one with high mobility and the one dealing the most damage of the three golem types, it also gives the player increased accuracy rating and critical chance rating.

Path of Exile Jewels

While new players thought currency as orbs and skills as gems were confusing, let’s throw in another type to make it even more complicated, heh. First of all, Awakening introduces the change in passive skill tree, not only nodes are optimized, changed, there are now sockets added to the tree – that’s where Jewels go. They are used to add further customization to your builds, personally, I am ecstatic about this change and have already started to theorycraft some builds with Jewels. Jewels come in several rarities – magic, rare and unique. While rare and magic versions give you some stat increases, unique versions can be used as build enablers. Personally, I find this jewel – Intuitive Leap to be very interesting. It allows you to allocate passives in the jewel’s radius without being connected to the previously taken path. This can open up some exciting possibilities and further increase build diversity.

Intuitive leap jewel
Intuitive Leap

Path of Exile divination cards

One more interesting thing to be added – divination cards. First of all, they will be exclusively designed by supporters, so it’s totally up to them, what kind of items you will be able to get using them.
Getting specific uniques, especially the expensive ones like Shavronne’s Wrappings, Windripper, etc has always been a struggle for many players. By introducing the divination cards, this situation is expected to be remedied a little – they are used to get specific items in more deterministic way, meaning that players can farm them for specific item they want to get. The cards are going to work as follows – you will have to collect a set of cards for a specific item, when the set is complete, you will be able to exchange it for the item the set is for. The set will consist from one to several cards, depending on the item, my guess is that high end unique items will require more than 15 cards to get full set. The cards will be obtained by farming the specific zones, ensuring that you will eventually get what you’re working towards if you keep grinding through the zone.

Path of Exile Awakening release date is expected to be somewhere in the second week of July 2015.

10 interesting facts about PoE currency

Fun facts

While we are all patiently waiting for closed beta keys to Awakening and praying to Keysus, I got together 10 interesting facts about PoE currency and other stuff.

  • Reverse Exalted Orb

    There is always a lot of discussion going on about new currency orbs to potentially be added to the game. One of the suggestions was adding an orb, which does exactly the opposite of an Exalted Orb – randomly removes an affix from the item. That would open a whole lot of possibilities – everyone has been in the situation when you find an awesome item with 3 good stats and one really bad, that messes up the item completely. This orb would let you reverse-craft the item and remove the unwanted mod. Interestingly enough, Chris Wilson has stated that this is the idea they have saved for a rainy day, so maybe we will see it sometime in the future.

  • Vaal orb and white sockets

    Since the addition of Vaal Orbs, tons of items have been bricked. The popular saying – Vaal or no balls further encourages people to corrupt their valuable stuff. Vaal Orbs can be very fun to mess around with and it is even possible to roll 6 white sockets on the item. So yeah, you can transform your awesome 6L armor to “Tabula Rasa”, except with all the cool stats it has.

  • Transmutations and very expensive items

    Orbs of Transmutation are very common and when they drop, reaction is more or less “Meh”, but you still collect them. What if I told you, that you can make an item worth several Exalted Orbs with only one Orb of Transmutation? You have to get EXTREMELY lucky, but it is possible. I myself created amulet worth 5ex by throwing one Orb of Transmutation and 1 Orb of Augmentation on white gold amulet. The result was Dragon’s Gold amulet of Excavation, which is pretty awesome thing to have.

  • Chance legacy items

    Path of Exile has had quite a few challenge leagues – Anarchy/Onslaught, Domination/Nemesis, etc. These leagues had specific unique items that you were only able to drop while playing the challenge league itself. When given league ended, the uniques became legacy. After Forsaken Masters patch, stuff changed – you are now able to acquire all the league specific uniques if you open map with, for example, Nemesis mod using Zana’s map device. Inside the map, you can acquire the league specific uniques using Orb of Chance on appropriate base item or get them as drops from monsters, although chancing them would be better choice if you are going for specific item.

  • Portal gem combination

    Everybody expects to die in this game, except for those who play hardcore obviously. It can sometimes be frustrating to run the distances after death, even with checkpoints, so good combination to use is Portal gem linked with Cast on Death. This combination will always open portal after your death and you can keep moving quickly.

  • Divine orb and uniques

    Most people think about Divine orb as a currency for polishing off the high-end rare items, although that is not the only use for it. You can also use Divine Orb on the unique items. Many people sound surprised about that fact when I tell them while playing the game. There are unique items that differ quite a bit in price depending on the rolls of their mods, for example Doryani’s Catalyst. The price range is 1-8 Exalted Orbs or so, therefore it might be a decent idea to throw a Divine if you have the Catalyst with lowest elemental damage roll.

  • Currency drops and character level

    Have you noticed that monsters drop a little more currency while you’re leveling? There is a reason for that – monsters drop more currency if you are a little over or a little under (2 levels or so) the level of the zone you’re in. Although, if you’re much higher or much lower level as the zone, drop penalty will be applied.

  • Coinflip

    Just a fun fact – Mirror of Kalandra has the same chance of dropping as the coin has landing on the same side 21 times in a row, pretty crazy, huh?

  • Good deals from vendors

    While playing the game, people tend to forget about vendors and run thought the acts. Don’t underestimate the value of checking what they sell – sometimes you can get 6-socketed items, even 6-linked items, but that happens quite rarely. Although you can get Stone hammers for chisel recipe, 3-links for chromatic recipe very often.

  • Song of the Sirens

    If you ever manage to find a white fishing rod, go ahead and throw some Orbs of Chance on it. Who knows, maybe you will be the one to find a spot where Exotic fish are!

Welcome, fellow Path of Exile players!


I would like to welcome you to my blog about Path of Exile, an online action RPG game developed by New Zealand based indie game company Grinding Gear Games or as often referred to – GGG. Path of Exile is my favorite game at the moment for couple of reasons:

  • Exceptional character customization possibilities
  • Innovative currency system
  • Well planned and designed skill system

Of course, those are not the only reasons, but they were the main ones to get me dragged in, back when game was in its closed beta version. I remember when there was a public weekend which allowed to play not only for those who bought the early supporter packs. That was the time when I got to try out the game.
As for huge Diablo 2 fanboy, Path of Exile seemed something fascinating. I always loved the fact that you can customize your character a lot, make all kinds of builds and choose the style of play that fits you and Path of Exile was the game that had taken all that to next level. Mind was blown when I looked at the skill tree – it was huge, and at that moment it was clear which game is going to be my favorite.

PoE passive skill tree
Yes, it is that huge

After public weekend I immediately purchased the supporter pack to be able to play in closed beta. The game seemed very wide-open and I did not really know how to do anything to succeed. I did not know how much the currency is worth, how much should I ask for items when I am selling them and how much should I pay for something when buying it from other players.

I distinctly remember the time when I found 2 Exalted orbs, which is very rare currency to find and how I spent them for bow which was for level 20 and was not even good for my build. It boosted my damage output a little, so I thought that was the right choice, but did not realize, how many times better stuff I could have got for 2 Exalted orbs. That was because I was a beginner and did not know the worth of items and currency, all the orbs seemed more or less the same for me.

So the main purpose for this website is to help you, newer players, to adapt to game quicker, explain the game mechanics in the player friendly way from player’s own perspective, because, I have been playing since closed beta and there are still some things I learn from time to time. I hope you find this helpful, GL & HF!

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