Welcome, fellow Path of Exile players!

I would like to welcome you to my blog about Path of Exile, an online action RPG game developed by New Zealand based indie game company Grinding Gear Games or as often referred to – GGG. Path of Exile is my favorite game at the moment for couple of reasons:

  • Exceptional character customization possibilities
  • Innovative currency system
  • Well planned and designed skill system

Of course, those are not the only reasons, but they were the main ones to get me dragged in, back when game was in its closed beta version. I remember when there was a public weekend which allowed to play not only for those who bought the early supporter packs. That was the time when I got to try out the game.
As for huge Diablo 2 fanboy, Path of Exile seemed something fascinating. I always loved the fact that you can customize your character a lot, make all kinds of builds and choose the style of play that fits you and Path of Exile was the game that had taken all that to next level. Mind was blown when I looked at the skill tree – it was huge, and at that moment it was clear which game is going to be my favorite.

PoE passive skill tree
Yes, it is that huge

After public weekend I immediately purchased the supporter pack to be able to play in closed beta. The game seemed very wide-open and I did not really know how to do anything to succeed. I did not know how much the currency is worth, how much should I ask for items when I am selling them and how much should I pay for something when buying it from other players.

I distinctly remember the time when I found 2 Exalted orbs, which is very rare currency to find and how I spent them for bow which was for level 20 and was not even good for my build. It boosted my damage output a little, so I thought that was the right choice, but did not realize, how many times better stuff I could have got for 2 Exalted orbs. That was because I was a beginner and did not know the worth of items and currency, all the orbs seemed more or less the same for me.

So the main purpose for this website is to help you, newer players, to adapt to game quicker, explain the game mechanics in the player friendly way from player’s own perspective, because, I have been playing since closed beta and there are still some things I learn from time to time. I hope you find this helpful, GL & HF!

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