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[2.5.0] 25+ Strong builds for Breach challenge leagues

Hi. Here is your list of builds for Breach SC/HC leagues. These builds should get you going and kicking some ass, enjoy!

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1. CI Flameblast Elementalist

2. Path Of Exile Gems presents: Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer

3. Path of Exile Gems presents: Slayer Cycloner

4. Poison BV IW MoM Dual Curse – 150k DPS – 46% Ele & 66% Phys Mitigation – 1k Regen – 7.6k Life

5. [Lighty] 2H RT Cyclone: ☠Great For Upcoming Breach League☠ Atziri Farming, Budget, Uber Lab, Eazy

6. Quadfire Chieftain – Searing Righteous Ray Firestorm!

7. JUGGERNAUT/BERSERKER 1H+Aegis Max Block&Spell Block Tank, Atziri Killer+a BoR version

8. Jagarnath, Destroyer of Maps (Cyclone-CoMK-Discharge) *Budget Build*

9. BERSERKER Ice Crash/Earthquake Crit Staff AKA “The Shattering Karui”

10. THE EA FUSE OVERLORD/Fastest HOGM carry service/[uber atziri/shaper/grandmaster/guardians]

11. RAIDER Tanky Crit Reave/Blade Flurry Dagger/Claw AR+EV+Block 120k+ DPS NO MIRRORED GEAR

12. Bladefall Totem’s – Cheap/Easy/T15/Atziri/UberLab

13. SC/HC Trickster Essence Drain Progression – Life to CI to LL

14. Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Inquisitor/Hierophant

15. Sovyn’s Lazy Pally – Tanky Templar with Max Block

16. Freezing Pulse Inquisitor. Perma-Freeze everything including Tier 15 bosses. 250K DPS

17. End Game Guardian Support! 7500ehp, 90% phys/84% ele res

18. PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build – Selffound possible!/Atziri Viable!

19. Hardcore Occultist Crit Spark Build

20. Muscallions Tripple flameblast elementalist totem

21. Spectral Gods: Goat Simulator Classic Summoner

22. Legasi’s Masterpiece – Trivialize Bossfights! Shaper Deathless! Boss Guides inside! HC

23. -273,15 °Crit-Trapper (Shaper farmer, deathless) + Budget Version (below 3 exa)

24. The Soulcaster, Blight Occultist by CantripN (WIP)

25. Zyget’s Leech Cyclone Slayer

26. Unstoppable Gladiator 78% Max Block/Spells. 240K DPS Static Strike. Low Budget League Starter

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