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3.19 Best Atlas Skill Trees for Mapping, Bossing, Balanced Endgame

With 3.17 and Siege of The Atlas, the endgame has been revamped and a unified Atlas Passive skill tree has been added to the game. It’s pretty big and allows you to shape your endgame the way you want, whether it’s running juiced maps, bossing, or enjoying a regular, balanced mapping experience. In this article, I will share with you a few tree suggestions for different scenarios & also share the tree that I will follow myself.

How many Atlas skill points do you get?

According to the Atlas Skill Tree planner, you get 132 skill points.

How to allocate Atlas skill points?

When you start completing maps, you will unlock the atlas skill tree and the ability to allocate skill points. Further down, we have several trees you can use for different scenarios: bossing, all-around trees, for juiced maps.

How to unlock Atlas passive tree skill points?

You unlock most Atlas passive skill points simply by completing maps. The rest can be unlocked by killing endgame pinnacle bosses and completing Maven’s Invitations.

How do you respec Atlas points?

You can respec Atlas points by using Orbs of Unmaking. You can purchase them from vendors by paying 2 Orbs of Regret for 1 Orb of Unmaking.

Where do I put my Atlas skill points?

The beautiful thing about this tree is the fact that no matter where you put your skill points, you will still get value out of them. So, unless you want to play as efficiently as possible, I recommend that you put them towards the content that you really enjoy. 

With the introduction of Atlas keystones, most of them are situational, but I really like Singular Focus that I will keep allocated at all times, except when going for boss farming. 

Nevertheless, I also wanted to share a few trees that could be better for different scenarios.

Atlas Skill Tree for Boss Farming

This particular tree is focused less on mapping and more on quicker progression toward bosses.
The nodes that we take are focused on progression with:

  • Elder & Shaper and their guardians
  • Maven
  • Searing Exarch & Eater of Worlds
  • Conquerors of The Atlas & Sirius
  • Synthesis maps & bosses
  • Breaches & Breachstone farming
  • Legion Emblem farming
  • Immortal Syndicate & Catarina

Skill Tree for Endgame Boss Farming [132 points]

Atlas Skill Tree for juiced map farming

This particular tree is focused more on repeated juiced map farming, so there are not a lot of nodes focused on endgame progression. Instead, we focus on adding as many monsters and as much monster density to maps as possible, while boosting their drops.

The nodes that we take are focused on:

  • Scarabs
  • Sextants
  • Beyond
  • Drops from rare monsters
  • Harbingers
  • Strongboxes
  • Legion
  • Shrines
  • Boosting pack size & monster density
  • Delirium rewards
  • Abyss

Skill Tree for Juiced Maps [132 points]

All-around Atlas Skill Tree: (The one I will use myself)

This particular tree is more of an all-arounder, focused mainly on the content I enjoy playing. Since Harvest was heavily nerfed and tainted currency has worse success rates, I’ll avoid Harvest and Beyond.
I feel that with Divines being as rare as they are, Legion will be great to focus on for easier access to Timeless Jewels.

But overall, on this tree I focus on:

  • Synthesis
  • Expedition
  • Essences
  • Legion
  • Atlas content – Kirac missions, scouting reports

All-around Atlas Skill Tree: by Prime

This particular tree is also an all-arounder, focused on content that Prime likes to play.

Overall, in this tree, the focus is on the following:

  • Synthesis
  • Abyss
  • Harbinger
  • Breach
  • Delve
  • Endgame: Shaper & Elder and their guardians
  • Maps & Map bosses


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