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[3.16] Best Atlas Skill Tree For Each Region – Scourge League

Where to put the Atlas passives you get from The Maven?

Echoes of Atlas expansion has been added to the Path of Exile and one of the coolest new features is the ability to choose Atlas Skill tree for each map region. The skill trees give different bonuses and you can target farm your favorite content pretty consistently. The beautiful part about the skill trees is the fact that whichever way you go, there will always be some profit. That said, don’t be afraid to mess up and go for the content that you like.
In this guide, we will share with you how we allocated skill trees and which ones we think are the best.

Haewark Hamlet Atlas Skill Tree

2 Points – The Groves Call

Harvest is the best option as the first 2 skill points.

4 Points – Bumper Crop

Gives you more crafting options, so it’s a chance to craft better items.

6 Points – Test of Loyalty

Betrayal offers some of the most awesome rewards in the game and with this skill, you will be able to quickly get syndicate members to level 3.

8 Points – Intelligence Gathering

10 Intelligence for random safehouse is extremely good and allows you to farm Catarina pretty consistently.

10 Points – Sacred Lands

10% chance to spawn ritual is a pretty solid choice here. You could also go for the Escaped experiment if you are not a fan of rituals.

Glennach Cairns Atlas Skill Tree

2 – 4 Points – Resource Reallocation & Contested Development

With better crafting options for corrupted items, the temple corruption room is definitely going to be profitable and popular, so it’s a good idea to spec into Incursion.

6 – 8 Points – Total Anarchy & Rogue Trader

Chance to get 20 additional rogue exiles as well as having additional rewards for them is really good. This can be boosted with sextants and map device for even better rewards.

10 Points – High Value Targets

While not as good as before, this node is a good choice for the last 2 points.

Valdo's Rest Atlas Skill Tree

2 – 4 Points – Spores in The Wind & Epidemiology

For 4 points, a chance to get more blight encounters and blighted maps is a no-brainer in our opinion, given how rewarding they can be.

6 – 8 Points – Ominous arrival & Diplomatic Escort

While these nodes are not as great as they were before, they are still worth taking.

10 Points – Guarded Hoards

A decent choice for keeping your up sulphite level if you are playing all content. If you are focusing on delve, you should take Sulphite infusion as well instead of Diplomatic Escort.

Lira Arthain Atlas Skill Tree

2 – 4 Points – Trespassers & Exotic Goods

These 4 points are some of the best choices in the entire atlas. While playing just for 2 days, I already got more currency and items from Invasion bosses than from any other content in the game.

6 – 10 Points – Distinguished Demolitionist & Buried Knowledge & Ancient Writings

Great way to boost expedition rewards in the maps. As we know, Logbooks can be extremely rewarding and increasing their drop chance is a really good idea. The extra rewards from expedition leaders are also amazing.

Uncharted Realms

2 Points – Neural Pathways

Extra chance to get Synthesis maps is a must-have since they offer great rewards.

4 Points – Vivid Memories

Synthesized item drops can be amazingly powerful, so we picked that.

6 Points – Synthetic Source

Further boosting Synthesized unique items with 3 implicit mods.

8-10 Points – Depends on what content you are focusing on

Last 4 points you should put in the nodes that align with the content you are focusing on. We went for Master of The Atlas & Paths not taken since it synergizes well with Synthesis, making it more common through Zana’s missions.

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