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Best Atlas Skill Tree For Each Region – PoE Echoes of The Atlas

Where to put the Atlas passives you get from The Maven?

Echoes of Atlas expansion has been added to the Path of Exile and one of the coolest new features is the ability to choose Atlas Skill tree for each map region. The skill trees give different bonuses and you can target farm your favorite content pretty consistently. Want to farm a lot of sulphite? No problem, just go for Sulphite Infusion in Lex Proxima and get sulphite after each map completion. Loved Perandus league? No problem, we got mini Perandus league in Lex Ejoris. The beautiful part of the skill trees is the fact that whichever way you go, there will always be some profit, so in general, don’t be afraid to mess up and go for the content that you like.
In this guide, we will share with you how we allocated skill trees and which ones we think are the best.

Haewark Hamlet Atlas Skill Tree

Haewark Hamlet Atlas Skill Tree

2 Points – The Groves Call

Harvest is an extremely powerful mechanic that is integrated into the game in the right way. Get it as soon as you can, so there is a higher chance of spawning the garden.

4 Points – Nature’s Favour

Gives you better crafting options, so it’s a chance to craft better items.

6 Points – Wild Fruit

Level 4 Harvest crafting options are a few of the strongest crafting options in the game, such as Fracturing items or adding Synthesized implicit mods for your items. It’s a must-have.

8 – 10 Points – Controlled Corruption & Amplification

We went the Essence route since Syndicate farming is not our priority. With these skills, you can farm a pretty solid amount of essences for a steady income. You could also go for Beyond tree if you intend to repeatedly farm maps in this region.

Glennach Cairns Atlas Skill Tree

2 Points – Monumental

We love legion encounters, so this was our first choice.

4 Points – Face to Face

100% increased chance for the general spawn and 100% more splinter drop really helps you with Emblem farming.

6 Points – Protracted Battle

Not all builds are designed to shatter an entire screen of monsters, so this greatly helps to let as many legion monsters out as possible.

8 – 10 Twice Tempted & Tamper-Proof

These strongbox nodes are awesome and will give you frequent corrupted 6-link drops. You could combine that with Ambush scarabs and Bountiful traps / monstrous treasure for nice chance to farm Divine orbs.

Tirn's End Atlas Skill Tree

2 Points – That Which You Seek

We decided to go the Delirium route – a 10% additional chance to contain Delirium is a solid choice for the first 2 points in the region.

4 Points – The Singular Eternity

There are quite a few non-linear maps in the region, so slower fog dissipation really works wonders.

6 Points – Greater Forces

Great way to boost your delirium rewards in the region.

8 – 10 Trespassers & Exotic Goods

Many would go the Abyss route, but we found that Invasion boss drops are pretty awesome if you get more invaders in your map. They always drop either scarabs, fragments, maps, or other useful stuff and are easy and quick to kill. Get additional invaders with sextants and you will have yourself some nice loot.

New Vastir Atlas Skill Tree

2 Points – High-Value Targets

Extra sergeants and a reward for each sergeant is extremely good. These 6 legion skills, we believe, might be the best ones of the entire Atlas.

4 Points – War Supplies

2 extra war hoards are great.

6 Points – Emblematic

The chance for splinters to drop as Emblems instead is absolutely amazing. We already got at least 4 emblems in around 10 New Vastir maps augmented with rusted legion scarab.

8 – 10 Abyssal Army & Votive Hoard

You could go for Niko here, but we thought we’d leave the Lex Proxima region for sulphite farming, so we went for Abyss instead. These 2 nodes give more experience, spawn more monsters, and adds a chance to get high-level rare items with abyssal sockets on them. Abyssal sockets were previously hard to get on rares, so if your build could spare a few skill gems, an abyssal socket is an extremely strong choice on the item.

Lex Ejoris Atlas Skill Tree

2 Points – Prospero’s Promise

Since we were big fans of the Perandus league, we decided to go in this direction. Node adds mini Perandus league to the maps in the region by guaranteeing one Perandus chest.

4 Points – Friend of The Family

Boosting Cadiro’s rewards have been a solid choice for our playthrough. Out of around 10 encounters, half were good uniques that are on the rarer side, like Belly of The Beast, Tabula, and such, and one encounter even had an Exalted Orb.

6 Points – Escaped Experiment

One guaranteed Metamorph per map is a pretty good choice for 2 points. You could also choose Finest Samples after 6 points, but keep in mind that resulting Metamorphs will be considerably harder to kill than map bosses.

8 – 10 Pathatlogical & Compulsive Hoarder

With these 4 points, maps have a chance to drop with random Delirium Orbs applied to them, as well as increased rewards, which is amazing.

Lex Proxima Atlas Skill Tree

2 Points – Rich Veins

We believe this is the best region to farm Sulphite so we specialized in that as soon as possible.

4 Points – Sulphite Infusion

Guaranteed Sulphite after each map is amazing, this is a no-brainer.

6 Points – Seance

Up to 20 monsters affected by Tormented Spirits is really good for 2 Points – a lot of extra loot in each map, including frequent currency drops.

8 – 10 Bumper Crop & 2 Small Harvest chance nodes

Since we chose Seance, we had to sacrifice large Harvest nodes, which we believe is worth it. We picked up Bumper Crop and 2 smaller nodes, one after Bumper crop and one before Bountiful Harvest for that extra chance of the garden spawn.

Valdo's Rest Atlas Skill Tree

2 Points – Ominous Arrival

Extra Harbinger in areas is pretty nice for 2 points.

4 Points – Diplomatic Escort

This skill point choice gives a lot of extra loot since the reinforcement is pretty large.

6 Points – Intrinsic Darkness

An additional chance to spawn a Metamorph is a good choice here.

8 – 10 High Yield & Repeated Experiment

With these nodes we get to assemble an additional Metamorph, plus get more samples to build our own in Tane’s Lab.

Lira Arthain Atlas Skill Tree

2 Points – Spores in The Wind

These 2 points allow us to farm maps with guaranteed blight encounter, which is amazing.

4 Points – Epidemiology

A larger chance to get Blighted maps is awesome because they pay very well.

6 Points – Immune Response

This is a great node for XP and more blight monsters – only pick it up if you are confident you can clear them, otherwise pick up Probing for Weakness.

8 – 10 Secret Stash & Inside Job

Extra Smuggler’s Cache spawn is great, but the most value lies in the chance to get fully revealed blueprints which save tons of Rogue Markers for us.

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