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[2.6] Crit Dagger Blade Flurry Ranger (Raider)

Intro & build description

How toΒ  describe damage this build is outputting? Insane – seriously, it’s broken. This Blade Flurry build clears all the content with ease while being surprisingly tanky. If you want to dominate all the new content in Breach league, this build is for YOU! Although Flade Flurry is labeled as ”melee”, it feels more like caster than melee. You dont have to be close to target to destroy it, which is huge advantage in defense department. If you like to crit, melt bosses and like fast paced gameplay – check it out, you wont regret.

7 frenzy charges

171% increased evasion rating

150% maximum life

3 jewel sockets

3.6% of life regenerated per second

Build Pros

  • Extreme damage, might get nerfed
  • High mobility
  • Tanky
  • Very fast paced
  • Fun to play
  • High boss killing potential

Build Cons

  • Can get expensive, high dps crit daggers are not cheap

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

Final Build (114p)


Bandits Quest Choice
Help Oak

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Rapid Assault
Labyrinth 2Avatar of the Chase
Labyrinth 3Quartz Infusion
Endgame LabyrinthAvatar of the Veil

Skill gem setup


Summon Ice Golem

Enduring Cry

Power Charge on Critical Support

Body Armor

Blade Flurry

Faster Attacks Support

Melee Physical Damage Support

Weapon Elemental Damage Support

Inc. Area of Effect or Concentrated Effect Support

Increased Critical Strikes or Increased Critical Damage Support


Cast When Damage Taken


Immortal Call

Increased Duration


Whirling Blades

Blood Magic Support

Faster Attacks Support

Fortify Support

2h Weapon


1h Weapon


Herald of Ice

Power Charge On Critical Support

Offhand weapon / shield

Vaal Haste

Increased Duration Support

Blood Rage

Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade

1Hand Weapon


Bino’s Kitchen Knife is more than enough damage wise, but well crafted Ambusher will outscale it.


Imperial Buckler

Look for shield with high evasion and good life roll, resistances and extra block chance are icing on the cake.

Body Armour

Lightning Coil

Any rare chest with evasion, life and resistances will work. Lightning Coil is endgame goal.


Lion Pelt

Look for high evasion, life and some resistances. Rat’s Nest unique helm works too, if you want to go more aggressive.


Leather Belt

Look for high life and some resistances. Weapon elemental damage paired with life and resistances can get expensive.


Slink Gloves

Life, resistances, attack speed if possible. All these affixes combined can get expensive.


Slink Boots

Look for boots with at least 25% movement speed, some life and if possible, resistances.


Agate Amulet

Life, stats you’re missing, resistances, critical strike chance or critical multiplier.

Left Ring

Diamond Ring

Diamond ring orΒ Two-Stone Ring, if you’re finding it hard to cap resistances. Look for life, stats you’re missing and some resistances.

Right Ring

Diamond Ring

Diamond ring orΒ Two-Stone Ring, if you’re finding it hard to cap resistances. Look for life, stats you’re missing and some resistances.

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

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Prime is knowledgeable in everything builds related. Mostly focuses on writing build guides and tutorials on how to play with certain skills.


  1. Is it good for hc?

    • Evasion builds are not generally the best for HC as you rely on luck quite a lot.. This one is more for softcore.

  2. Also, could you post lvling tree? πŸ˜€

  3. I can’t see whole tree. Could you re-upload, please?

  4. can you fix the skill tree? seems to be missing things

  5. Amazingly useful but what happened to the passive tree? It seems very different from 24H ago and I’m so new I’m very confused.

  6. how do u gain frenzy charges ?

  7. How does this build deal with mana? im starting to go into blade flurry 5 link and i feel its a bit mana starved…

  8. I have the HoI setup as said in the guide, but i am generating no power charges at all, is there anything we need to make it work or is it just the setup itself?

    • Hi. Simple solution would be to either link Power Charge On Critical Strike to your Blade Flurry setup or to switch out Power Charge on Critical Support out from gloves and use Assassin’s Mark in there. That should be more than enough to generate charges. πŸ™‚

      • I swapped the ice golem setup from my helm with the HoI setup from my weapon, and started using increased critical strikes support with the HoI setup, works fairly good πŸ˜›

  9. Can you please put the links on rings and amulet for poe.trade or something like you have for other equips?

  10. Anyone got all the passives yet? Where do you go after that?

    • I got 2 points into mana leech towards Essence sap to help with mana issues, got Nightstalker node and Depth Perception node, by that order
      You can also get Command of steel if you want a bit more defenses πŸ˜›

      • Thank you. Really appreciate the tips. This is the highest level I’ve ever been in the game.

        One thing I’ve yet to understand is power charges. I’ve followed the guide here but I’ve never procced a power charge. I use blood rage for frenzy charges but what do you use to get power charges in this build?

        • As you can see we use 3 gems on helm and 3 on weapon, i swapped the ice golem setup to weapon and the Herald of Ice setup to helm, that allows me to add another gem to it, use Increased critical strikes.
          You are not getting any power charges because Herald of Ice itself cant crit, you need to link inc crit strikes.
          Another tip, at least for me power charge on cri on golem felt useless, so i changed it to Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support, makes my golem more tanky so i dont need to constantly summon him.

        • You generate power charges by shattering enemies with herald of ice. You can link Power Charge on Crit elsewhere if you are really lacking.

  11. Why did you choose to go for HoI instead of HoA? Considering you do moslty phys dmg the percentage bonus dmg from HoA seems to be the better one?

    • Herald of ice is a way to sustain power charges (linked to power charge on crit) when it crits when shattering monsters.

  12. What’s the general map clearing and high end maps like?

  13. Really enjoying this build but am struggling against t6/7 bosses. Have the gear and gems recommended but only a 5L chest. Any tips on what stats to look for on an end game dagger? They look so expensive I can’t afford to buy the wrong one.

    • Get dagger with as high physical damage as possible – ideally it should have at least 8% crit. Get crit multiplier on your amulet, that should help a bunch, crit chance is nice too as is increased elemental damage with weapons on your rings and belt.

  14. Hi πŸ™‚ I’m new to POE, still coming to terms with alot of things in the game..

    Would an ES version work for this build or is ranger not a good choice for it (I understand Assassin is the go-to). If it works, could someone give me a little guidance on an alternate passives tree for ES version?

  15. Thanks for the guide its nice one!

    can u please tell me wich enchants on helm is a good one ?



  16. It doesn’t appear that Power Charge on Crit Support can be used with HoI. What am I missing?

  17. Hi, thanks for the build, so far it is very fun and reliable.

    I have a question tho; If I were to change this build into a dual wielding one, should I go for double Bino’s or is it better to get a rare dagger(s) instead? And if so, what rolls are required for it to be usable?

    Sorry if it’s a stupid question, but I’m new to the game, so I’m still learning a lot πŸ™‚

    • Hey,

      I wouldn’t recommend dropping shield, dual wielding doesn’t really benefit it that much – it just alternates between weapons when attacking, not boosting damage. I’d go for rare dagger with high phys damage, crit, if possible crit multi, but that would be expensive as hell.

  18. Alexandre Gazaille

    What Would be best Jewels/Potions and what could i use as a 4th Gems in my Helm ???

    • Atziri’s Prosmise is good, Silver flask is good, Wise Oak is good. For the 4th gem, it’s purely what you need.

  19. Newbie question, can this build do all the endgame content? (Guardians, Shaper…)

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