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[3.0] Life Based Crit Freezing Pulse Templar (Inquisitor)

Intro & build description

Super fun build to play, you freeze/shatter everything – explosions everywhere from Herald of Ice. Mind over Matter gives this build solid effective life which means we are not a glass cannon, we can take a punch while dealing massive amounts of elemental damage.

Build Pros

  • Don't have to worry about elemental damage penetration since we are Inquisitor
  • Extremely high damage
  • Fun gameplay, build shatters everything
  • Bluid clears pretty fast
  • Pretty tanky, everything is frozen
  • Pretty cheap to start with, uniques required for this build are not expensive

Build Cons

  • Haven't done Shaper with this build, with some adjustments could possibly kill it

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

Full Build


Bandits Quest Choice
Help Alira

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Righteous Providence
Labyrinth 2Inevitable Judgement
Labyrinth 3Augury of Penitence
Endgame LabyrinthInstruments of Virtue

Skill gem setup



Warlord's Mark


Herald of Ice

Body Armor

Vaal Storm Call

Increased Critical Strikes Support

Increased Duration Support

Added Lightning Damage Support

Controlled Destruction Support

Increased Critical Damage Support


Lightning Warp

Faster Casting Support

Less Duration Support

Summon Chaos Golem


Orb of Storms

Curse on Hit Support

Assassin's Mark

Power Charge On Critical Support

2h Weapon

Freezing Pulse

Spell Echo Support

Arcane Surge Support

Increased Critical Strikes Support

Cold to Fire Support

Faster Casting Support

1h Weapon


Offhand weapon / shield


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Hubris Circlet

Hybrid rolls Hubris Circlet with decent energy shield(200-300) and high life roll(80+)

Body Armour

Vaal Regalia

We want hybrid Vaal Regalia, which means we want high Energy Shield roll and high life roll paired with elemental resistances.

Goal would be at least 500 ES and 90 life.


Fingerless Silk Gloves

150+ energy shield, 60+ life and some resistances.



High MS, some of the block chance gets applied to spells, high mana and decent energy shield.

Left Ring

Doedre's Damning

Second curse is always welcome, replace it once you get corrupted amulet with extra curse.

Right Ring

Two-Stone Ring

  1. Life
  2. Elemental resistance
  3. Missing stats you require for gear or skill setups


The Halcyon

Ideal amulet for this build.


Leather Belt

  1. Life
  2. Resistances
  3. Armour
  4. Flask Charges

2Hand Weapon

Taryn's Shiver

Very good weapon for freezing pulse or for any cold related skill and it is very cheap.


First Snow

You need 2 of these jewels to increase damage and projectile count. Essentially it is free Greater Multiple Projectiles link without downsides.


Cobalt Jewel

  1. %increased life
  2. %increased spell damage
  3. %increased cold damage


Flask Setup

  1. Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching
  2. Ample Basalt Flask of Heat
  3. Atziri’s Promise
  4. Ample Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
  5. Ample Granite Flask of Iron Skin

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

About prime

Prime is knowledgeable in everything builds related. Mostly focuses on writing build guides and tutorials on how to play with certain skills.


  1. does this build work on relfect maps?

    • Yes, Soul of Yugul provides ”25% reduced Reflected Damage taken” which allows you to do reflect maps, if you still take damage, Sibyl’s Lament is a great unique ring which depending on slot you put it in, reduces reflected damage taken even further.

  2. How would you compare between Taryn’s and Duskdawn? Need your opinion 🙂

    • I would still go with Taryn’s, but Duskdawn would work too. It’s a great alternative.

      • Thing is this build is squishy? Hard for bosses? Or is it just me. Currently 2 5L’s, 3.7k hp, 2k es tooltip 140k fully buffed

        • Yeah I feel the same way. I only havev 2.3k life and 1k ES. Bosses eat through my life and es. ATM my dps fully buffed 55k

          Dont have the amulet cause of not enought currency

        • The build has 186% life on the tree and 3 jewel sockets, which makes it possible to get 207% increased maximum life. This is by no means squishy, the problem is probably with the gear you are currently wearing. Try to spec out some damage nodes and place the points in defense if you feel like you are dying too much.

    • While both could be utilized for FP build, I think Taryn’s is better option in this case by far. It gives +2 to cold gem levels which is huge boost by itself, spell damage, cold damage and damage to frozen enemies and synergyzes extremely well with The Halcyon amulet.

  3. why i’m not feeling OP 🙁 it’s kinda hard for bossing, I’m running both 5L on staff and chest with average armors. Tooltip 140k full buffed.

  4. What is the highest tier u can do with this build?

    • Depends on gear, with decent gear red maps shouldn’t be a problem if you play safe and don’t run into full packs of mobs. Key is decent positioning and game knowledge – that will come with time, just keep playing. 🙂

  5. Why You use Eldritch Battery and Arcane Surge gem? They don’t work together.

  6. Why do we get vaal pact? Isn’t there no leech?

  7. Can u show the passive tree build, what u choose in order, step by step?

    • It’s not that important – if you lack damage while leveling, grab damage nodes, if you lack survivability grab defensive nodes. Pick up Mind Over Matter early and the rest doesn’t really matter.

  8. Is chaos golem red or blue?

  9. What are your thoughts of swapping pulse for bolt and using the freezing trail gem instead, but keeping the skill tree and everything else the same? I’m level 55 on this build and the thing I hate the most is the pulse doesn’t extend full screen. Other than that I love it. Also are there any level stops on the gems or should we max all the gems out?

    • You can try swapping them, although freezing pulse feels more fluid to me. Sniper notable close to shadow’s starting point gives a bit of projectile speed. Pretty much max all you can, if you can’t sustain strength requirement for warlord’s mark while maxing it, just leave it at level you can afford. Doesn’t matter that much.

      • Thanks! I didn’t have the fast cast gem in yet and that made a huge difference. Currently my taryns is a 4 link blue. What are the best 3 other gems to use?

  10. I was wondering how pledge of hands would fare vs taryn, it give the spell echo lvl 30 freeing up a gem slot for more options. Also with this build should we use Halcyon or use Pandemonius the upgraded version?

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