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[3.0] Insanely Tanky Righteous Fire Marauder (Chieftain)

Intro & build description

If you want to do all the content game has to offer in first weeks of the Harbinger league, this build is an excellent way to go. It can easily stack up more than 10000HP and very high life regeneration and go on facerolling through maps. It can even do -max resistance mod on maps, despite it being Righteous fire build.

Tip: Cyclone setup should not be used together with Hinekora, Death’s Fury because it will add fire damage and proc Elemental Equilibrium making monsters resistant to fire damage that will hurt our RF.

Build Pros

  • Extremely tanky, can go to 13k+ HP and several thousand regen per second
  • Is very cheap for how strong it is
  • Can do all game's content - Shaper, Uber Atziri, All map bosses
  • Very high damage

Build Cons

  • None that I can see

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

Passive Skill Tree [116p]


Bandits Quest Choice
Help Oak

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Tawhoa, Forest's Strength
Labyrinth 2Ngamahu, Flame's Advance
Labyrinth 3Ramako, Sun's Light
Endgame LabyrinthHinekora, Death's Fury

Skill gem setup



Life Gain on Hit Support

Faster Attacks Support

Fortify Support

Body Armor


Righteous Fire

Elemental Focus Support

Concentrated Effect Support

Increased Area of Effect Support


Cast When Damage Taken Support

Molten Shell


Life Leech Support

2h Weapon


1h Weapon

Enduring Cry

Summon Stone Golem

Tempest Shield

Offhand weapon / shield


Purity of Fire


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Ezomyte Burgonet

We need high strength and life on all our items, so on helm look for at least +90 to maximum heath and +50 to strength. Any resistances you can get are great bonuses.

Body Armour

Kaom's Heart

Best chest for the build, get it as soon as you can. Until you obtain Kaom’s, use armour chest with as high life and strength as you can find.


Titan Gauntlets

Gloves would be the most important part of the build and can cost some currency to actually craft well.

We use rare gloves that have “Socketed Gems deal 30% more Damage over Time” crafted by using Essence of Delirium. If you have some extra currency, you can spend it on crafting better gloves, but at the beginning of new league you should just use 1-3 essences because they are quite expensive.

Ideally in addition to the essence stat, gloves should have maximum life, strength and resistances, but that’s expensive.


Titan Greaves

Look for boots with at least 25% increased movement speed, at least 70 life and as high strength as you can find. Resistances are nice bonuses.

Left Ring

Coral Ring

Most optimal ring bases to use for the build are Coral Rings – consider only those.

You should look for at least 45 to strength, 60 to maximum life and some resistances on the ring. Additionally, if you can, craft +to all attributes using Elreon’s crafting bench.

Right Ring

Coral Ring

Same as previously mentioned ring.


Amber Amulet

Look for Amber Amulet base with at least 70 to maximum life, 45 to strength and if possible +to all attributes as well.


Leather Belt

Look for Leather belt base with at least +80-85 to maximum life, 45 strength and as much resistances as you can get.

1Hand Weapon

Doon Cuebiyari

As we have have tons of strength, this is best weapon for us as it gives us tons of damage and armour that way.


Rise of The Phoenix

This is iconic righteous fire shield, mandatory unique for the build (pretty cheap now).


Jewel setup

Stat priority on jewels:

1.) Increased maximum life
2.) Increased fire damage
3.) Increased area damage
4.) Increased damage over time
5.) Increased damage


Flask Setup

1.) Ruby Flask with bleed removal
2.) Divine Life flask with instant recovery
3.) Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
4.) Basalt Flask of Iron skin
5.) Blood of The Karui

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

About gems

Always tries to keep up with the game, its ever-changing mechanisms and explain them in understandable manner.


  1. Is there any alternative to replace cyclone?

    Sorry, my english is not mine (100% Google Translate) 😛

    • Cylone is only used as a way to regenerate life, not dealing damage because it hits very fast and for each hit we gain some life from Life Gain on Hit Suppport. If you like you might use another skill but Cyclone is the most optimal choice.

    • is there a skill tree for this build ??

  2. im guesing lvling is with cyclone then

  3. 3.0 lvling is fucking hard help searing bond dont help nor does cyclone work we got no dmg buffs from tree

  4. rise of the pheonix is like 24C so this isnt great league starter mention the koams heart too how would u make currency fast with it other wise

    • It’s alright, there are tons of more expensive builds out there 🙂 I am currently playing this build, got phoenix and Doon in the 1 st day by farming currency and doing chaos recipes and got half of currency for Kaom’s already – definitely doable.

      • Yes but you are a pro 🙂 im still only level 49 and been playing start of league. I would love to see you leveling guide and farming methods 🙂

  5. Can you explain why Elemental Equilibrium?

    • I use Curse on Hit setup such as Orb of Storms + Curse on Hit + Flammability. Orb of Storms procs Elemental Equilibrium on target making it take increased fire dmg and applying curse.

      • Currently you have the Flammability slotted alongside Purity of Fire and Vitality. Any suggestions on where you use that Curse on Hit 3L? Specifically, what do you cut from the above setup in order to use the CoH combo?

  6. What Pantheon do you recommend once switched to RF

  7. add me ingame gems IGN: tastemyfirefuckerrr

  8. Would this work with Templar/Hierophant as well? Maybe sneaking some MoM into the build? 🙂

    • For this specific build I don’t think that would be good idea.. Other option is Juggernaut. For MoM to be effective, you would need very specific gear and would probably be not be worth the price. This build is very tanky as it is – you shouldn’t have any survivability problems once you get a few items.

      • Got your points.. seemed like an interesting idea to me, but I don’t have the experience with the game yet to argue with you.. thanks man 🙂

        • One more question though, if you don’t mind: what would be the bare minimum level/stats/required items when you can start using RF?

          Thanks again 🙂

          • I switched to RF when I was around lvl 65-68. Make sure you have Purity of Fire, Vitality and Rise of The Phoenix before you switch. It starts out slow but as you level damage picks up.

  9. I can’t decide between chief and jugg…anything you could say to sway me one way or the other?? Like strengths/weaknesses when comparing them? Thanks man

    • I am playing Chief and loving it. Seems to be lower-maintenance than Jugg (doesn’t have to have Fortify up for regen), in addition Chieftains 10% Strength is huge in terms of HP and with Doon Cuyebari – damage.

    • I started righteous fire when I was lv 30 with the shield it is poss with the 3.0% regen shield unique.shield

  10. You can’t use Hinekora, Death’s Fury if you have any physical damage on Cyclone. It adds extra fire damage which is bad when you are using EE.

  11. Why not put IC with CwDT?

  12. I have some questions. Is it maybe more worth to use witchfire brew as dual curse setup if you simply skill whispers of doom? Why do i have to equip the skill gem Enduring cry if i generate them myself on kill through ramako? When does the dmg of rf skyrocket? I have some Problems with bosses even with controlled destruction. Takes me awhile to kill them.

    • That’s pretty good option, yes. However, if you are going dual curse setup, Elemental Weakness would be better option (reducing resistances is essentialy a more damage multiplier).

  13. New here i was wondering what good weapon/shield you suggest while leveling and atm im using sunder to level and loving it but at what level do i should start using RF ? And if were gonna use 1hand weapon and shield why do we take one 2h melee dmg node in the skill tree ? THX a lot for helping new people out man loving this build so far 🙂 Also ( sorry lots questions) is there a place we can see a little video of this in action and how to use it at its max ?

    • While leveling use Sunder with 2-handed weapon (good idea is to take a few 2-handed damage nodes and spec out of them when you start using RF in around lvl 68). The skill tree isn’t definite – it’s more like a blueprint which you can switch up a bit dependin on your preferences 🙂
      About video – unfortunately we do not do that for the builds..

  14. So let me get this straight. You can’t use the cyclone setup with Hinekora, but where are going to be getting leeched life from. So is it just better to go with Aroghongui if you would like to go Cyclone/RF?

  15. Can you explain what you replace skill wise to do the curse on hit / ele equilibrium strat? Or if you dont use that strat (since your current suggested skills do not include that) how do you change the skill tree for those points with the build as you have listed it in this post?

    • Or add more detail around the options, maybe explain more about using Hinekora, Death’s fury aka what should you swap when not using cyclone vs what can you get instead and more details about how you would set up EE?

      • Hey master,

        i realized more in comparison to yesterday. I have in my shield the curse on hit – orb of storms -flammability setup and it works great. Be sure not to equip any fire damage on attack on rings. The rf damage scales up if you get jewels and lvl your skill gems as you get levels. I suggest for farming maps efficiently and fast do shield charge – faster attacks – fortify and for tough bosses the cyclone variant. if you get your kaoms you cant do that anymore. or use that setup in your second weaponslot. The alternative for hinekora are the 2 babynodes with lifereg. I took them and im happy with it.

      • Respec equilibrium to avoid clashing with Hinekora, Death’s Fury when you get it. *maybe* respec elemental overload (since you wont be making the most out of elemental damage) to something like red storm

  16. What happens if you decide not to help oak, i accidentally killed him

  17. Any skill tree information?


  18. at what level do you swap to RF

  19. There is literally no point to Hinekora as a node for this build. Righteous Fire doesn’t hit(it is an aoe degen), so it can’t leech or benefit from penetration. You don’t use totems, so you can’t benefit from the totem leech. And you don’t do physical damage, so you can’t benefit from that(not that you would want to, as it triggers fire EE). Drop the point in that, and pick up a point in the regen node instead.

    Further, you want to fit a socket with scorching ray somewhere in your build. Ideally, Scorching Ray – Spell Totem would be amazing. Doing that will let you pick up Arohongui, which is a 16% MORE multiplier to your damage(and an 8% LESS damage taken). Further, scorching ray lowers enemy fire resistance by up to 24%, which is even MORE damage, for only 2 sockets.

    You also don’t want molten shell in your CWDT, as it will tigger fire EE. It isn’t the worst though, but you have to be very aware to retrigger your EE back to lightning. Instead of using Cyclone, consider using Orb of Storms-Curse on hit-Flammability-Increased Critical Strikes. Doing this will drastically improve the uptime of your elemental overload. Right now, you have no real way to trigger EO, which is a 40% MORE multiplier to your damage. RF cannot crit. So even though your build has picked this node up, it has no way to benefit from it. Also considering using shield charge over cyclone for mobility purposes.

    Your CWDT in general is pretty worthless. Without links, Molten Shell and Vortex do next to no damage, so they will apply next to no leech. Vortex will chill, but its hardly significant. If you want to use Molten Shell, consider putting it in Doon Cuebiyari. That will let you leverage the inherent level 30 iron will effect on the item so molten shell will at least do a little bit of damage.

    You might also want to consider changing your pathing. Pathing up to Holy Fire is a massive damage increase(15-20% more damage to your build. It is a massive amount of damage). Similarly, pathing up to Whispers of Doom, or using a source of +1 curse(Doedre’s Damning, amulet, etc) coupled with a Witchfire Brew will result in a further 33% MORE multiplier to your damage. Vulnerability is nearly always a better choice for damage than elemental weakness – maybe if the enemy has absolutely absurd fire resistance(70+) then Ele weakness is better, but in 90% of situations vuln adds more damage.

    You also want to change up your gem links. In 3.0, Increased Burning Damage was added as a support that can benefit Righteous Fire. It adds the exact same amount of damage as concentrated effect, without the downside. The optimal damage setup is using burning damage and concentrated effect, but just swap in Conc Effect for Inc Aoe when you fight a boss. Keep in mind you can use Essence of Horror on a helm to craft 30% MORE elemental damage, which has the same effect as Essence of Delirium on gloves. Go with whichever is cheaper to craft.

    In general it feels like you’ve just pathed to every possible life node and gone RF. While it can work, sacrificing just a little bit of life can result in a massive amount of damage increase. For example, right above the uppermost Endurance Charge node, you spend 3 points pathing to a single jewel socket. That socket can roll at best 7% life, but if you cut that node and just a little bit of life somewhere else, you could pick up Holy Fire which is a HUGE increase to your damage. You’ve sacrificed everything for the sake of life, and dropping just a bit could result in drastic improvements to damage and quality of play experience.

    • Hey, thanks for the thoroughly written input. I agree that the build has not been optimized so well and we will go through the build and your awesome suggestions and improve it.

    • Sadinar I love your comments! What’s your POE handle or e-mail? I got questions about your build because I have a very similar build and wanted to know your thoughts. Gems thanks for a great post overall. Love it!

  20. Hi, i try something similar build can you take a look on my build and tell me what i can improve (actually saving for kaoms) thanks a lot.

    Agree that molten shell srew up EE as Hinekora, better take totem or 2 life regen node.

    I actually didn’t try orbs of storm set up, as i’m using socket armour so i can have more gems atm, i love cyclone set up with culling strike et life gain on it + fortify and i wonder if i can keep my armour or switch belly to get a 6l with cyclone + life gain on hit + culling strike + fortify + faster attack + increase crit.

    A sorching ray totem is going to proc EE no ? mean +25 fire resistance ? ok there is -24 from the ray and the ascendance damage so maybe worth i don’t know

    In my build i put cyclone set up in my gloves and use 2 link shield charge for mobility in chest + 2 leveling gems (don’t pay attention)

    Tanks a lot

  21. What should my Fire Resistance minimum be for the build after act 10. I am currently lvl 69 with 183% resistance to fire. my lighting, chaos, and cold resistances are all negative currently.

  22. Sorry, kinda new still, do you not worry about having neg 60 chaos resist, or do you try and get it on gear?

  23. Ty for answer …

  24. I am kind of following this build with a bit improved gear. But I cant do tier 12+ maps.
    no idea what I need to improve to be able to do t12+ and maybe even facetank bosses 🙂

    here is a path of building link of my build and gear.
    any suggestion helps. thank you


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