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[3.17] Rage Vortex Berserker | Full Build Guide

Intro & build description

Rage vortex berserker is a perfect 3.17 starter build for someone who kind of wants to play melee but is not 100% sure about it.
Rage vortex is a skill that sacrifices some of your rage to send out a spinning version of your blade. The more rage you sacrifice, the larger the AoE and the higher the damage of the skill. The build can be intensive on warcry use, so if you want a 1-button gameplay, you should look for something else.

This specific build version is utilizing fire conversion and a 1-handed weapon + Redblade Banner synergies with warcries & has a decent physical damage reduction with healthy life pool.

Build Pros

  • Good survivability
  • Can deal with Maven and other endgame bosses
  • Good clear and movement speed in maps due to high attack speed leap slams
  • Doesn't require any insanely expensive items to work
  • Engaging gameplay with several warcries

Build Cons

  • Requires more than 1 button to play, so might be a turn-off for some players

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

[3.17] Skill Tree
PoB Community


Bandits Quest Choice
Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Aspect of Carnage
Labyrinth 2Crave The Slaughter
Labyrinth 3War Bringer
Endgame LabyrinthRite of Ruin

Skill gem setup


Herald of Ash

Enlighten Support (LVL 3)

Purity of Elements

Blood and Sand

Body Armor

Anomalous Rage Vortex

Elemental Damage With Attacks Support

Immolate Support

Pulverise Support

Awakened Fire Penetration Support

Increased Critical Damage Support


Intimidating Cry

Second Wind Support

Infernal Cry Support

Combustion Support


Vaal Ancestral Warchief

Multiple Totems Support


Ancestral Protector

2h Weapon


1h Weapon

Leap Slam

Arrogance Support


Offhand weapon / shield

Wave of Conviction

Battlemage's Cry

Enduring Cry

Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Rare Helmet

Look for rare helmet with at least 90 life and as much resistance as you can find.

Body Armour

Rare Astral Plate

Look for Astral Plate with “Attacks have +x% to Critical Strike Chance” mod as well as high life.

Any resistance or attribute mods are good bonuses.


Rare Gloves

Look for rare gloves with at least 80 to maximum life and high resistances.


Rare Boots

Look for rare boots with at least 80 to maximum life, 30% increased movement speed and some resistance.

Craft Aspect of The Spider on the boots.

Left Ring

Circle of Anguish

At the endgame, we should look for Circle of Anguish with following mods:

1) x% increased Fire Damage while affected by Herald of Ash
2) Herald of Ash has x% increased Buff Effect

Before you can afford one with both of these mods, use one with increased fire damage mod and random second mod.

Right Ring

Rare Ring with Assassin's mark on hit

Look for rare ring with “Trigger Level x Assassin’s Mark when you Hit a Rare or Unique Enemy and have no Mark” mod.

Other good mods would be life, dexterity or intelligence.


Rare Turquoise Amulet

Look for rare turquoise amulet with adds x-x physical damage to attacks mod as well as at least 30% to global critical strike multiplier.

High life would be an amazing additional mod.


Bear's Girdle

Not a cheap, but really good belt for the build.
If you can afford it, get it, if not, use rare Stygian vise with high life and resistances.

1Hand Weapon

Rare 1-handed Sword

Look for a rare 1-handed sword with as much pDPS as you can get. Ideally, we should be looking at swords with at least 370 pDPS.

High local critical strike chance is also important, so take it into consideration when buying/crafting your weapon.


Redblade Banner

Redblade Banner is one of the core items of the build, so focus on getting it as soon as you can. This shield basically makes our warcry setup work, which in turn helps with rage generation and rage vortex.

It can be target-farmed by killing Redblade bosses in Lighthouse map.


Cluster Jewels

This build uses 2 cluster jewels, 1 large (8 passives) and 1 medium (4 passives).

Mods on Large cluster jewel:

1) Martial Prowess
2) Fuel the Fight
3) Drive the Destruction

Mods on Medium cluster jewel:

1) Lead by Example
2) Mob Mentality


Rare jewels

Look for following mods on regular rare jewels:

1) Increased maximum life
2) Any attack speed mods
3) Global critical strike multiplier
4) Damage with swords
5) Attributes if you are lacking


Flask Setup

Build uses following flasks:

1) Diamond Flask
2) Bottled Faith (Very endgame option)
3) Lion’s Roar
4) Quartz Flask
5) Jade Flask

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

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