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[3.2] The Scourge Physical Spectral Throw Duelist (Slayer) League Starter

Intro & build description

Most of the Spectral Throw builds are based on elemental damage like Ele Buzzsaw or elemental Inquisitor builds but not this one. The advantage of physical damage over elemental damage is that bosses have elemental resistances but do not resist physical damage. With the 3.2, this build will be reflect-immune due to Slayer ascendancy revamp. The build itself is tanky, cheap to start off and scales well with investment – perfect league starter build for Bestiary.

Build Pros

  • Cheap to start
  • Tanky with more than 7k life attainable
  • Moves quickly using Whirling Blades
  • With some moderate investment can do all the content in the game including Shaper, Uber Atziri if you have skill for it, Uber Lab and so on
  • Very strong leech due to Slayer ascendancy

Build Cons

  • The Scourge claw will most likely be pretty expensive at the start of new league

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

Skill Tree [116p]


Bandits Quest Choice
Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Endless Hunger
Labyrinth 2Headsman
Labyrinth 3Bane of Legends
Endgame LabyrinthBrutal Fervour

Skill gem setup


Cast When Damage Taken Suppor (Level 9)

Immortal Call (Level 11)

Enfeeble (Lvl 5)

Increased Duration Support (Level 20 or 21)

Body Armor

Spectral Throw

Physical Projectile Attack Damage Support

Maim Support

Damage On Full Life Support

Greater Multiple Projectiles Support / Slower Projectiles (swap for boss kills)

Increased Critical Damage Support


Whirling Blades

Fortify Support

Faster Attacks Support

Blood Magic Support


Summon Ice Golem

Blood Rage

Increased Duration

Vaal Haste

2h Weapon


1h Weapon


Faster Casting

Offhand weapon / shield


Herald of Ash

Enlighten Support (as high lvl as you can get)

Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Rare armour helm / Rat's Nest

Look for armour helm with at least 80 max life and high resistances.

If you want to go more offensive route, Rat’s Nest or Starkonja’s Head would be decent choices.

Enchantment-wise look for 40% increased Spectral Throw damage but it is pretty expensive enchantment.

Body Armour

Armour / Evasion chest or Belly of The Beast

Look for rare body armour with as much life and resistances as possible.
Later when you can afford it, Belly of The Best would be better option but rare chest is almost just as good.


Gripped Gloves / Other rare Evasion or Armour gloves

Ideally look for Gripped Gloves with some life, physical damage to attacks and a resistance or 2.

Until you get Gripped Gloves, any rare evasion or armour gloves would work.


Two-Toned Boots / Other rare evasion or armour boots

On boots look for as much life and resistances as possible. Movement speed is not that important for the build as we use Whirling Blades for movement.

Left Ring

Steel Ring / Diamond Ring / Other rings

Ideally look for Steel Rings with some life and physical damage to attacks.
Steel Rings like that can be expensive, so Diamond ring or other bases works just fine until you can afford Steel Rings.

Right Ring

Steel Ring / Diamond Ring / Other rings

Same as previously mentioned ring.


Any rare amulet base

On amulet look for high life, physical damage to attacks and critical strike multiplier. Any resistances or attributes on top of that are good bonuses.


Stygian Vise

Look for Stygian Vise belt with high life, resistances and if you can afford it – elemental damage with attacks.
Pair the belt with abyssal jewel that has flat physical damage, flat life, resistance or another damage mod.

1Hand Weapon

The Scourge / Wasp's Nest

The Scourge is the best claw to look for, they have great damage and provide our with decoys in form of Spectral Wolves.

At the beginning they are going to be expensive so look for Wasp’s Nest claws. With dual Wasp’s Nests you can easily clear red maps and get enough currency for 2x The Scourge.


The Scourge / Wasp's Nest

Same as the other claw.


Build's Jewels

On jewels look for:

1.) Increased maximum life or flat life
2.) Physical damage to attacks (Abyss jewels)
3.) Any critical strike multiplier mod that fits our build
4.) Any attack speed mod that fits our build
5.) Critical strike chance mods
6.) Resistances or attributes if you are lacking any


Flask Setup

Build’s Flasks:

1.) Divine life flask with instant recovery and bleed removal
2.) Diamond Flask
3.) Atziri’s Promise
4.) Basalt Flask with freeze removal
5.) Sin’s Rebirth / Taste of Hate or another life flask

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

About gems

Always tries to keep up with the game, its ever-changing mechanisms and explain them in understandable manner.


  1. What would you use to level with this?

  2. Im level 28 and only doing 250 dps, can you please tell me how to increase dps??

  3. What would you suggest for leveling items, im lvl 43 rn. Kinda missing dps.

  4. Pantheon powers you recommend?

  5. Hey, what about Rive ? Its budget alternative with pretty high dps . I think this might workout out , unless you get some currency to buy the scourge.

    • Sure, it could work as an alternative! But I’d recommend Wasp nest, it has bit lower dps but higher crit and since you stack crit multiplier, overall damage increase would be bigger.

  6. This looks like fun… but do you think you could provide a couple different skill trees for earlier levels?

    • You don’t really need any specific order for the skills, just put points whatever you need like the most – damage or survivability. With some leveling uniques you could have 20 points unallocated and still wreck everything so focus on getting leveling items 😉

  7. Any unique jewels in the passive tree that are essential?

  8. I’m around level 43- and my tooltip DPS for spectral throw is only 5-700 max. I’m trying to level at innocence and Its just so slow to clear. Are there faster alternatives? I feel like anything is faster than how long it takes to throw them.

    • What links are you currently using? Are you swapping GMP for slower projectiles for boss kills? It is very important to upgrade weapons every 5-10 levels so your DPS is appropriate to content you are facing.

      • I’m using two mortem morsu’s, and i don’t do bosses anyway i get rushed for them. I don’t know a better equivalent right now than what I have. I have the first 4 recommended links on my body armor

  9. Any reason that Enfeeble is left at lvl5 only?

  10. What skill gems were you going for under 1h Weapon? They do not show up correctly.

  11. im doing level 5 maps and im just getting one shot by bosses and i pretty much have everything youve suggested. have no idea what im doing wrong lvl 73

  12. Hey, given that the wolves benefit from skills in the Scourge, what would you put into the weapons? I see that you didnt really mention that! Also, where do you find all the intelligence from? You need on one or two of the rares?

    • I’d put the same skills listed in the build guide – wolfs are not impactful enough to scale with any support gems and are just used as a decoy. If there isn’t enough attributes in tree, we get them on gear.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of putting Minion Damage Support in there to benefit from the “Increases and Reductions to Minion Damage also affect you”. I am on my way to lvl 70 with the build so I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet but does it not add total damage to you with that gem?

  13. Hey, would it be worthwhile to run a second CWDT attached to enduring cry and another curse? Obviously it would be at a lower level than the immortal call. That way you can generate endurance charges right before casting IC. Maybe you’ve tried this already and it doesn’t really help? Just thinking instead of the portal/faster cast…

  14. Trying to look at entire passive tree. Can’t see all of it.

  15. Where do the bleeds and poison come from to proc the physical projectile attack damage support gem?

    • Nowhere, we don’t really utilise that part of the gem – the main part is “Supported Skills deal (30-49)% more Physical Projectile Attack Damage”.

      • Ok thanks…also does the double scourge give u the 70% damage twice..i thought scourge main hand affected offhand as well…figured it would be better to run wasp nest offhand so we can proc the extra damage on support gem.

  16. Hi, i’m starting this build, and was wondering why are we not helping the bandit Kraytin ?
    (6% increased attack, 6%increased movement, 3% dodge)

  17. how do you sustain mana?

  18. I’m trying out this build and i’m super confused on where you get the intellect from to use the gear i’m currently 27 and can’t seem to use higher claws

  19. Hi gems, thanks again for writing this guide.

    This is my build so far – Added the passives to fit your build on PoE Planner, currently only at level 85.
    I feel like I have hit a bottleneck and not sure where to ugprade, other than gems quality and some flasks.
    When is it viable to upgrade my claws and what would be a possible upgrade?

    Please see link to PoEplanner with my gear.
    Currently only 5.5k hp with 39% Belly of the Beats which seems a little low.


    • From what I see, you can get way more life on the items. Right now you can get more than 100 to maximum life on gloves, boots.. Steel Ring doesn’t have life at all. If you really have some currency for upgrades, get Gripped Gloves with at least 90 life and res, even attack speed. You can drop some resist to get some life instead, because you have way overcapped resists. Here are some examples of belts that would be huge upgrade for you – http://poe.trade/search/umanaresinikam . By getting belt like that you would get +60-70 maximum life from 1 item slot alone, imagine doing it for boots, gloves and the Steel ring.

      • Thanks a lot for your help, I never even considered upgrading my belt and getting life on my steel ring – Initially I thought it would be too expensive, managed to get a really good steel ring with +67 hp for only 15c and can still craft resist on it, got a belt with 134 hp and good tri-res for 45c. Next upgrade would be my boots, should be able to get really good life there too. Most expensive upgrade would be the gloves.

        Is there any way of contacting you in-game?

  20. I seem to get more damage with bloodseeker then the scourge. Could someone explain why the scourge is the wepon of choise? Seem to get higher dps with bloodseeker.

    If anyone could post a level with this build doing high level maps i would be gratefull.


    • The tooltip DPS might not factor in the 70% increased minion damage if you have hit recently. Scourge is ~20% better than Wasp Nest, hard to say about Bloodseeker.

    • Hi sir,

      Have you been doing high level maps yourself with Bloodseeker claw?

      Would like to know how your dps scales etc.

  21. Would you mind explaining why you are using the portal gem? Does it have other properties besides porting?

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