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[3.24] Exsanguinate Trap Trickster

Intro & build description

It’s hard to go wrong with Exsanguinate, especially when paired with traps as they autotarget the mobs for you. Exsanguinate has a high base damage which helps during the league starts as good gear is scarce. With some currency invested, builds scales very well into the endgame. If you haven’t decided on what to play in upcoming Necropolis league, this is a good time to try this build out.

Build Pros

  • Great league starter
  • Cheap
  • Great clearspeed
  • Auto targetting

Build Cons

  • Mines are not for everyone

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

Full Build
PoB Link


Bandits Quest Choice
Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Polymath
Labyrinth 2Escape Artist
Labyrinth 3Spellbreaker
Endgame LabyrinthSwift Killer

Skill gem setup





Summon Skitterbots

Body Armor


Empower Support

High-Impact Mine Support

Charged Mines Support

Minefield Support

Trap and Mine Damage Support


Shield Charge

Faster Attacks Support


Faster Casting


Dread Banner

Generosity Support


Enhance Support

2h Weapon


1h Weapon

Steel Skin

Cast when Damage Taken Support

Herald of Purity

Offhand weapon / shield

Raise Spectre

Guardian's Blessing Support


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade



Heatshiver is BiS for the build. While it is not 100% necessary, it is just too strong to pass. Since item is receiving nerf, it might not be as popular, but it will be still very strong option.

Otherwise, just pick a rare helmet with life, elemental resistances and mana reservation efficiency.

Body Armour

Rare Body Armour

Rare body armour with life, elemental resistances.

If you can, pick up a chest with +1 to socketed/ Level of Socketed Strength Gems which will boost Exsanguinate.


Rare Gloves

You can go either rare gloves with some phys. to cold conversion or grab Hrimsorrow unique gloves. They are very common or super cheap very early in the league.


Rare Boots

Rare boots with high movement speed, spell suppression and elemental resistances.

Left Ring


Awesome ring for some passive hop regen, reduced effect of curses and some stats. You can snipe corrupted Kikazaru early on as they are quite common. Look for Increased Hatred aura effect corruption.

Right Ring

Rare Ring

Ring with elemental resistances, life and possibly attributes.


Replica Dragonfang's Flight

Replica Dragonfang’s Flight with Exsanguinate levels will boost your damage through the roof. If build is not very popular this league, you might get one quite cheap.

Use rare amulet with life, elemental resistances, attributes critical strike multi/chance until you get Replica Dragonfang’s Flight.


Rare Belt

Rare belt with life, elemental resistances strength. To cap strength, Heavy Belt is a very good base that will come in handy.

1Hand Weapon

Rare Sceptre

Go for Sceptre with level of all spell skill gems, spell damage, crit multiplier. Craft mine throwing speed if you still have open suffix.


Rare Shield

Rare Shield with +1 to level of all physical spell skill gems, life and elemental resistances.


Ancestral Vision

Great jewel in our toolbox. Socket it next to Infused and Frenetic notables.


Watcher's Eye

Go for phys to cold conversion if you are not running Hrimsorrow or damage while affected by Hatred if your physical dmg is already converted into cold elsewhere.


Rare Jewels

1. Increased Maximum Life
2. Increased Global Critical Strike Multiplier
3. Increased Physical Damage
4. Increased Spell/Trap Damage


Cluster Jewels

Large Cluster Jewel:

1. Battle Hardened
2. Furious Assault
3. Iron Breaker

Medium Cluster Jewel:

1. Expert Sabotage
2. Guerilla Tactics
3. Surprise Sabotage


Flask Setup

1. Abundant Eternal Life Flask of the Antidote
2. Taste of Hate
3. Bottomless Jade Flask of the Antelope
4. Physician’s Diamond Flask of Incision
5. Quicksilver Flask / Progenesis

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

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