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[3.24] Popcorn SRS Necromancer

Intro & build description

This build is based on SRS, but with a twist. Instead of minions hitting to kill enemies, we send horde of skulls that are decaying and exploding on enemies thanks to Minion Instability keystone, leaving burning puddles of flame. If regular SRS seemed to be too boring, exploding the minions might be just it.

Build Pros

  • Great league starter
  • No unique requirements
  • Shines with levels/currency invested
  • Can do most content
  • Safe

Build Cons

  • Minion builds are not for all

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

Full Build
PoB Link


Bandits Quest Choice
Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Plaguebringer
Labyrinth 2Mindless Agression
Labyrinth 3Commander of Darkness
Endgame LabyrinthBone

Skill gem setup


Bone Offering

Faster Casting Support

Flame Dash

Vaal Discipline

Body Armor

Summon Raging Spirit of Enormity

Empower Support

Minion Life Support

Increased Critical Damage Support

Fire Penetration Support

Elemental Focus Support


Raise Zombie

Summon Chaos Golem of Hordes

Summon Carrion Golem

Minion Life Support



Vaal Molten Shell

Cast when Damage Taken Support

Increased Duration Support

2h Weapon


1h Weapon




Offhand weapon / shield




Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Rare Bone Helm

Bone helm with high life and elemental resistances. If you get a well rolled helm with + 2 minion levels, you can swap raise zombie/golem setup into helm.


Rare Body Armour

Rare body armour with life, elemental resistances and spell suppression.


Null and Void

Null and Void gloves with +2 minion level corruption or any rare gloves with life, elemental resistances and spell suppression.


Rare Boots

Rare booths with high life, movement speed, spell suppression and some resistances.

Left Ring

Rare Ring

Rare Rings with life, elemental resistances, minion life, minion damage.

Right Ring

Rare Ring

Rare Rings with life, elemental resistances/attributes, minion life, minion damage.



I would say amulet is mandatory as it allows minions to die from chaos damage to pop Minion Instability. Without Tavukai we would need to use infernal legion support to burn minions.


Replica Siegebreaker

An awesome belt to have in the build. It is not necessary for build to function, but burning ground on minion death is too hard to pass on.

Use any rare belt until you get Replica Siegebreaker.

1Hand Weapon

Rare Wand

Pick a wand with minion damage, minion maximum life, minion critical strike chance and cast speed.


Rare Shield

Main stats we are looking for are life, minion life, elemental resistances and minion damage.


Rare Jewels

Stats to look for:

1. Maximum life
2. Minions have increased maximum life
3. Elemental resistances
4. Minion damage
5. Cast speed


Flask Setup

1. Divine Life Flask
2. Chemist’s Divine Mana Flask of Warding
3. Provisioned Granite Flask of Armadillo
4.Dabbler’s Quartz Flask of, the Cheetah
5. Rotgut

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

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