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[3.7 Legion] MF Windripper Lightning Arrow / Tornado Shot Ranger (Deadeye)

Intro & build description

If you are looking for a way to quickly farm up yourself a nice stack of currency and uniques, this build is definitely the one to do it. With a combination of Windripper, increased item quantity and rarity mods on our gear, we get a map farmer that is quick and can one-shot monster packs without problems. Deadeye ascendancy lets us stack Tailwind which helps clear speed immensely and also makes this build versatile in gear choices – we can swap out some gear and do the highest level maps (but this build is mostly not about that).
Windripper is not the cheapest bow, but this build is still great as a league starter.

Build Pros

  • Excellent and fast map farmer
  • Will make you plenty of currency
  • Cheap to start, scales well with currency investment

Build Cons

  • Elemental reflect is a no-go

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

Skill Tree [114 points]
[3.6] Skill Tree
[3.7] Skill Tree


Bandits Quest Choice
Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Gathering Winds
Labyrinth 2Far Shot
Labyrinth 3Endless Munitions
Endgame LabyrinthPowerful Precision

Skill gem setup


Cast When Damage Taken Support (Level 1)

Immortal Call (Level 3)

Increased Duration (Max Level)

Wrath (Max Level)

Body Armor

Lightning Arrow / Tornado Shot

Elemental Damage With Attacks Support

Mirage Archer Support

Ice Bite Support

Greater Multiple Projectiles Support

Added Cold Damage Support


Herald of Ice

Curse on Hit Support

Assassin's Mark

Onslaught Support


Summon Ice Golem

Minion Life Support

Vaal Haste (We don't use regular Haste)

Blink Arrow

2h Weapon


Added Lightning Damage Support

Ice Bite Support

Elemental Damage With Attacks Support

Elemental Focus Support

Added Cold Damage Support

1h Weapon


Offhand weapon / shield


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Rare Evasion Helmet

On helm look for as much life and resistances as you can find. We use a lot of unique items so capping resistances might be challenging.

If you can afford it, try to get helm with extra Barrage projectile or 40% increased Lightning Arrow damage.

Body Armour

Belly of The Beast / Queen of The Forest

For our body armour there are several options:

1.) Belly of The Beast helps us get more than 4k life, which is pretty nice for MF builds.

2.) Queen of The Forest gives us extra movement speed and therefore we clear maps faster. If you can reliably clear maps, you can use Queen of The Forest and Grace instead of Wrath.

It’s up to you which one to choose, but I used Belly on my previous character and was satisfied with the balance between survivability and clear speed.


Sadima's Touch / Tombfist

We use Sadima’s Touch for increased quantity – try to get 10% roll on the gloves, every percent matters.

If you want to go for way more damage – go for Tombfist with 2 Abyssal Jewel slots and fill them with flat elemental damage jewels.



Goldwyrm is great for MF characters because of the good chunk of IIQ they give us. 20% quantity Goldwyrm will be quite expensive, so look for as high quantity as you can afford.

Left Ring

Ventor's Gamble

Look for Ventor’s Gamble with 7%+ increased item quantity and positive resistances.

Right Ring

Gift's From Above / Ventor's Gamble

Gifts from Above synergizes very well with Windripper builds so it’s a solid option for this build as well. It gives us rarity of items dropped, crit and some damage boost.

You could of course opt for another Ventor’s Gamble if you can get a good one.


Rare Shaper Amulet

Look for rare Shaper Amulet with at least “6% increased quantity of items found” mod on it. Good idea would be to buy Shaper amulet with at least 85 itemlevel and use Orbs of Alteration until you hit quantity mod. Later on you can multimod it using Elreon.


Stygian Vise

Look for Stygian Vise with as much life and resistances as you can find. Elemental damage with attack skills is a nice bonus but can get very expensive.


Spike-Point Arrow Quiver

Look for Spike-Point Arrow Quiver with crit multiplier, crit chance and increased elemental damage with attack skills. Attack speed and life are also good options to have but all of these together will be expensive.

2Hand Weapon


This is our weapon of choice for this build – it might be a bit on the expensive side, so until you can afford it, Voltaxic Rift or a rare bow with decent elemental damage and crit is a good option.


Jewel Setup

We will mainly look for Searching eye jewels with flat elemental damage. Other things to look for on jewels are:

1.) Attack speed
2.) Life
3.) Increased Movement Speed if you have killed recently / other similar benificial mods
4.) Attributes or resistances that you need


Flask Setup

1.) Instant Recovery Life Flask with Freeze removal
2.) Instant Recovery Life Flask with Bleed removal
3.) Silver Flask / Atziri’s Promise / Other Utility flask of your choice
4.) Surgeon’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
5.) Divine Mana Flask

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

About gems

Always tries to keep up with the game, its ever-changing mechanisms and explain them in understandable manner.


  1. what boots are you using in this build? you left that section out

  2. any update on the boot item?

  3. Question for the barrage 6-link. Wouldn’t it be better to use something like slower projectiles instead of ice bite since you arent killing any monsters during a boss right? So overall, you most likely won’t have frenzy charges for most of the fight?

  4. How do you generate frenzy charges?

  5. Would any Unique Quiver be an enhancement to the rare one?
    Any Unique Amulet you could recommend?

    • I wouldn’t suggest going for more unique items, the build is resistance starved as is. Rare quiver can give good damage and survivability on top of that as well. As for the amulet – this is MF build, so quantity on amulet is the best option.

    • Unique items are usually worse than very well rolled rare item. The best items in the game that are mirror worthy – rares. Although if you can afford it – look for Rigwald’s Quills unique quiver.

  6. Sorry to bother but I have another Question.
    Level 70 now and got all the gear,
    but if I compare my evasion rating to others itยดs not even half of what they got.
    Sitting at around 11000 which gives me negative speed with queen of the jungle ๐Ÿ™
    Is there any Item or passive I may have overlooked?

    • Hey. Those builds that have way higher evasion are running Grace aura instead of Wrath and they have good abyss jewels with high flat elemental damage (such as these – http://poe.trade/search/iheyaunikitobo ) to compensate.

    • Look for Evasion % uniques for gloves and boots, i have 38k evasion rn which could be higher. however with that being said, you dont have to worry about uncapped resistances. im able to run up to t15 without getting hit typically

  7. Hi, I tried this build and it is OK.
    Im not sure if it is this league or what it is, but I cant seem to find anything worth selling or any currency (found 1 ex so far). I have good speed and im doing T10-12 fast clear with all the gear above plus even tried swapping for Bisco’s for a while now without improvement. Did they ruin MF or what?

    • MF is a grind most of the time, people run hundreds of maps for Doctor to drop – it’s all about consistent farming a lot of maps for MF.

  8. How does this compare with the 3.5 Windripper LA MF Raider build https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2065431…that guide is getting alot of play but folks say Deadeye is better? I’m new to both the Ranger and to MF builds…so trying to decided to go Deadeye or Raider.

    • Right now I’d probably go for Deadeye, it’s great all-around ascendancy for bow characters with speed, damage and utility.

  9. which gems should I remove to use 2 socket tombfists?

    • I’d put the Golem and Blink Arrow in gloves and move herald setup to boots while dropping Vaal Haste and Minion Life. You could also drop increased duration in CWDT setup and socket Vaal Haste there instead.

  10. Greetings, I’ve been enjoying this build a lot and I was wondering how I could turn this into a boss killer by picking up other items and dropping some of the quant, maybe switching the chest piece for a loreweave and getting rigwald’s quill. Could you give me any advice on itemization so I could be able to kill uber on this character? I really appreciate all the help and would like to thank you for answering my previous question.

    • Hey. Let me start by saying that turning it into boss-killer will not be cheap at all. Good items to pick up would be – 2 socket Tombifsts, 6-link Loreweave, Dying Sun, Elder amulet with “of non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage” mod in combination with some crit multiplier. You could also switch out quant rings for good Opal Rings with flat elemental damage, life and elemental damage with attacks. Another potential ring setup could be well rolled Mark of The Elder and rare shaped ring with Assassin’s mark on hit mod. For boss-killing quiver, I’d go for shaped quiver with an extra arrow, some elemental damage with attacks and attack speed.

  11. If we run QoTF should we drop Wrath for grace?

  12. Why not go Richochet and Powerful Precision and drop Munitions? Im testing both LA and TS so Im just being curious, as to why that decision.

  13. Is Sadima’s touch still worth it since it’s been nerfed and highest quantity % is now 10%? (not 16% as mentioned above).

  14. how can we look for 16% on sadimas if it only goes to 10??

  15. how do i get all 3 aura’s up?

  16. Hi there. I am new to poe.
    started your build in 3.7 … but i am at a loss to how to work my way around the skill tree.

    Is there a 1-30 31-60 trees any whare . sorry my bad english. many thank yous

    • Hey. The order for skill points matters less than you’d think for most builds. Get damage nodes, like a critical chance & multiplier, bow, and projectile damage first, so you can comfortably kill monsters and when you start to feel some punishment, take life nodes. My suggestion to you would be to put all your focus into gear – buy Storm Cloud as a leveling weapon, Wake of Destruction is a great pair of boots for leveling, so are Ondar’s Clasp gloves. Good luck!

  17. Many thank you’s for farst repley.
    These things I will do.

  18. Deadly Draw, Heavy Draw or Nothing in this node? The 3.7 tree it’s bugged i guess.

  19. Hi Sir gems.

    Me once more. I see problem with king of hill passive being moved.
    On your 3.7 tree there gap before king of hill. We not take it anymore. So sorry < confused . many thank you's.

    Wish my english better for understanding.

  20. i think it’s awesome you respond to people’s comments. you don’t see that enough. First time running MF and I’m having a blast and love the build. Keep up the good work.

  21. and thanks for fixing the tree….

  22. Hey great build, but do you have any recommendations for leveling armour? I’ve just started the build and it’s so much fun to play! I’ve gone with the bow, gloves and boots you’ve suggested but not sure what armour I should be looking for.

    • The best leveling body armour for most builds is Tabula Rasa if you can afford it. If you are kinda low level, Foxshade is a decent option for the extra movement speed.

  23. Hi great guide.

    BTW what Pantheon’s should we be aming for the major gods and minor gods. ?

    Plus how best to get around the high amout of INT needed for Wrath max lvl?. at lvl 5 it uses 90, wont we struggle to get enough?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Pantheons are situational and you can switch them around. The ones I like are Brine king as a major and Gruthkul/Ryslatha as minor.
      It shouldn’t be that hard to get intelligence, because we have a lot of nodes with it near the Shadow starting point (110 points). Get Lapis amulet base and perhaps intelligence on 1 of the jewels and you should be more than fine.

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