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[PoE 3.10 Build] Skeleton + Zombie Summoner Witch (Necromancer)

Intro & build description

Minion builds are in a really great place and are usually great as starter builds. This strength stacking Zombie + Skeleton build is not an exception. It’s a really solid one to play to level 100 if that’s something that you would like to do.

Build Pros

  • Tanky - can get to 10k effective life without huge currency investment
  • Great as a league starter because it doesn't require tons of expensive stuff to get started
  • Safe - can be played in hardcore or to level 100 in softcore

Build Cons

  • The Baron helmet will probably cost quite a bit at the beginning of the league (it is required later on, not right off the bat though)
  • Resistances can be tricky to cap because build uses a lot of uniques

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

[3.10] Skill Tree


Bandits Quest Choice
Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Mindless Agression
Labyrinth 2Unnatural Strength
Labyrinth 3Bone Barrier
Endgame LabyrinthMistress of Sacrifice

Skill gem setup




Summon Skitterbots

Flame Dash

Body Armor

Vaal Summon Skeletons

Melee Physical Damage Support

Minion Speed Support

Minion Damage Support

Melee Splash Support

Maim Support



Cast while Channeling Support

Spirit Offering



Dread Banner

Raise Spectre

Meat Shield Support

Blood Magic Support

2h Weapon

Raise Zombie

Multistrike Support

Minion Speed Support

Feeding Frenzy Support

Melee Physical Damage Support

Empower Support

1h Weapon


Offhand weapon / shield


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


The Baron

The build uses The Baron helmet which is fantastic option for strengh stacking minion builds.

It will be expensive at the beginning of the league, so until you can afford it, use regular rare helmet with high life and resistances.

Body Armour

Geofri's Sanctuary

Geofri’s Sanctuary is a fantastic defensive option for strength stacking builds. It will give us tons of energy shield and will be main reason behind the build’s tankiness.

It will be moderately expensive at the beginning of the league, but it should be affordable few days after the league start.
Get a rare energy shield body armour before you get Geofri’s.


Shaper's Touch

Shaper’s Touch is also an exceptional choice for strength stacking builds and it synergizes with our body armor really well.
It will be a while until you can get these gloves because Shaper kills do not happen for first days of the league.

Until you can afford Shaper’s Touch, any gloves with at least 80 life and some elemental resistances will do just fine.


Alberon's Warpath

Great boots for strength stacking summoner. Look for ones with 18% increased strength roll.

Left Ring

Rare Ring

Look for rare ring with at least:

60 to maximum life, 40 to strength and as much elemental resistances as you can find.
It’s great if you can find a ring like that with open prefix, so you can craft extra energy shield on top of it.

Right Ring

Rare Ring

Same as previously mentioned ring.



Astramentis is a great option for stat-heavy builds and this is not an exception.

It’s possible to get rare amulets that are better, but they will absolutely be more expensive. One example would be a rare shaper + warlord amulet that has increased strength and increased attributes mods.


Elder Crystal Belt

Your ideal belt would be Elder Crystal belt with high life, strength and increased attributes mods.

Elder Crystal belts will be expensive, so Elder Leather or Elder Heavy belts would also be good, way cheaper options.

2Hand Weapon

2-Handed Mace

Look for 2-handed mace with minions deal x% increased damage. Ideally look for Solar Maul because its implicit, but it’s not THAT important.

After that, using crafting bench, craft Minions have increased attack speed, minions have increased cast speed mod.


Efficient Training

Must have for strength stacking builds. We will need 2 of these jewels.

One of them goes into the jewel slot just right from the Instability node.

Another one goes into the jewel slot located between Elemental Equilibrium and Mind Over Matter keystones.

You should also look into new Delirium jewels, specifically Feasting Fiends and Skeletal Atrophy notables, they look amazing for this build.


Rare Jewels

We mostly use rare jewels as a way to cap resistances.

Look for following stats:

1.) Increased maximum life
2.) To all elemental resistances / to fire/cold/lightning resistance
3.) Strength
4.) Increased energy shield


Flask Setup

1.) Instant recovery Divine Life Flask with bleed removal
2.) Silver Flask with curse removal
3.) Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
4.) Basalt / Granite Flask with freeze removal
5.) Lavianga’s Spirit

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

About gems

Always tries to keep up with the game, its ever-changing mechanisms and explain them in understandable manner.


  1. Still think this will be good?

    • Certainly, while the skellies took some hits, the build is still solid. Previously it could obliterate all the content with pretty much 0 investment, now it has just been adjusted to be less broken.

  2. Awsome can’t wait for the skill tree

  3. What kind of spectre do you use?

  4. Last questions why no animated guard? And why vaal skellys and not normal gem? First time building anything but an ed trickster :).

    • In this particular build, we simply didn’t have enough gem slots for AG. Vaal skeletons still include the regular gem, so it’s better to have both. 🙂

  5. We sure strength stacking is the way to go still?

    • you need at least 1000 to make the baron works and get 2 extra zombies but in my opinion there are better zombie skeleton builds

  6. Recommendations for lab enchants?

    • Almost any minion enchants are good ones – could go for zombie attack speed / damage, chance to summon additional skeleton, skeleton damage.

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