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[PoE 3.9] Burning Arrow Marauder (Chieftain)

Intro & build description

With the upcoming Metamorph league burning arrow is receiving some serious buffs to overall damage and burning damage and to be honest it looks very promising. With proper itemization and passive skill tree, burning arrow already can pack a punch, but with buffs introduced in 3.9, I am seriously excited to see how far we can push it.

Build Pros

  • Great league starter build
  • Burning arrow is receiving a nice buff in 3.9
  • Satisfying gameplay
  • Tanky, 7k+ HP
  • Dirt cheap to begin with

Build Cons

  • Can't do elemental reflect maps

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

[3.9] Skill trees


Bandits Quest Choice
Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Ramako, Sun's Light
Labyrinth 2Tasalio, Cleansing Water
Labyrinth 3Hinekora, Death's Fury
Endgame LabyrinthNgamahu, Flame's Advance

Skill gem setup


Cast When Damage Taken


Wave of Conviction

Summon Flame Golem

Body Armor

Vaal Burning Arrow (Single Target)

Elemental Damage with Attacks Support

Deadly Ailments Support

Burning Damage Support

Combustion Support

Barrage Support



Enlighten (3lvl+)

Herald of Ash



Blink Arrow

Faster Attacks Support

Faster Projectiles Support

Blood Rage

2h Weapon

Vaal Burning Arrow

Elemental Damage with Attacks Support

Deadly Ailments Support

Burning Damage Support

Greater Multiple Projectiles Support

Combustion Support

1h Weapon


Offhand weapon / shield


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Starkonja's Head

Starkonja’s Head is  budget item to increase our overall stats. Use rare helmet with high life and resistances till you get Starkonja’s.

Body Armour

Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast or any rare body armor with high life and elemental resistances.


Rare Gloves

Rare gloves with high life and elemental resistances. Ideally we want Shaped gloves with “+16% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier” and the Corrupted implicit “Curse Enemies with Level 11 Elemental Weakness on Hit” mod. Tombfist unique gloves can work as well if you can cap resistances without rare gloves.


Rare Boots

Rare boots with high movement speed, high life and elemental resistances.

Left Ring


Stormfire gives a lot of extra damage and some nice resists.

Right Ring

Rare Ring

Secondary ring should be a rare Opal Ring with:
+ Maximum Life
Added Fire/lightning To Attacks
+#% Cold Resistance
+#% lightning Resistance


Rare Amulet

Rare amulet with high life, elemental resistances and fire damage.


Dyadian Dawn

Dyadian Dawn is super cheap and offers some great life, resistances, strength and ignites we inflict deal damage 35% faster.

2Hand Weapon

Xoph's Nurture

Xoph’s Nurture is getting a buff in 3.9 and this will be the core bow we will be focusing on in this guide.



Drillneck is great quiver for both damage and defense + Arrows Pierce an additional Target which helps with clear speed.


Tempered Mind

Tempered Mind help to cap accuracy. This jewel is usually around 10-15c early on in the league. Socket it into jewel slot next to ”Instability” notable.


Rare Jewels

  1. Increased maximum life
  2. Increased burning damage
  3. Fire Damage over time multiplier


Flask Setup

  1. Panicked Eternal Life Flask of Staunching
  2. Experimenter’s Granite Flask of Warding
  3. Cinderswallow Urn
  4. Dying Sun
  5. Experimenter’s Quicksilver Flask of Heat

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

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  1. can i expect this build to do well against new end game bosses?
    Anyways, thank you for your great job on the site!

  2. What items should i looking to upgrade from this? Crafted bow? Xoph’s blood?

    • Shaper Amulet with Fire damage over time multiplier comes to mind. We should also wait for the new item influences, no doubt there will be some great options.

  3. I don t know about this build for starting out in a league, drillneck, xoph,s nurture and starkonja will be expensive this league and dying sun will be absolutely insanely priced, the budget seems a bit too much for starting out

    • That’s by no means the gear you need to make the build work in maps. Starkonja can be easily replaced with rare helm, Drillneck can be farmed with Divination cards pretty quickly (The Fletcher), if you don’t want to buy it. Yes, the bow will be quite expensive, but bows like Infractem and Silverbough would work very well when mapping. Dying Sun is a luxury though.

  4. Is there an updated skill tree or POB link?

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