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10 Awesome PoE builds for One month flashback leagues

Hi, I’s been a while since I last posted and one month flashback leagues are coming on October 2nd. I decided to get together some cheap poe builds (relatively) that should help you survive, clear well and overall be successful as your 1st character in new league. [wp_ad_camp_2] A little about flashback leagues – they …

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20+ builds ready for Awakening release [2.0.0]

Hi there! As Awakening release is only 2 days and few hours away, I decided to compile a list of builds ready for the expansion for those who hasn’t decided what they’re going to play yet. Enjoy! [wp_ad_camp_2] 2h Ice crash build http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1285739 Dual flame totems build (beginner friendly) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-nDcpIUzLY Crit shock nova build https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tfGLF20FRc …

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Path of Exile item filter scripts

Just a few days ago, Grinding Gear Games announced possibly the biggest QoL improvement they are planning to implement in the game – Path of Exile item filter scripts. As seen on Reddit and in forums, people have been asking for something like that quite a few times. GGG said, they were resistant to the …

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Price check | How to evaluate your items

Price check please – this is one of the most common phrases heard in Path of Exile chat. There is reason behind that. With its unique currency system, pricing items might be extremely confusing for new players who have little to no experience with Path of Exile trading. Here in this guide, I will try …

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PoE items worth picking up

When you are new to the game, evaluation of items might seem very hard and the enormous amounts of stuff dropping can be overwhelming. Most items will be useless for selling and I will explain, which ones you should pick up and keep for selling. [wp_ad_camp_2] At first – It is a no-brainer, that all …

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[Guide] Path of Exile trading using poe.trade

Path of Exile trading What would Path of Exile be without trading? It’s a thing I do almost every single day of playing the game. You acquire currency, get items needed for your build and sell stuff you do not use. However, in Path of Exile, there is no place to list your items in-game …

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10 Path of Exile unique items worth chancing

Orbs of chance – relatively inexpensive piece of currency, can bring you great wealth if you are lucky enough. Let me remind you how these orbs work: they roll normal (white) item to any rarity, including unique. Most of unique items in path of exile are cheap and useful only for leveling, but there are …

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Everything about Vaal Fragments

Everyone who is playing Path of Exile, has definitely seen corrupted zones. They have different tile sets and monsters inside them. Every corrupted are has mods on it, they apply to monsters inside the zone. These corrupted areas are one of the limited ways to obtain Sacrifice Fragments – Sacrifice at Dawn, Sacrifice at Dusk, …

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Strongbox guide – get most out of them

While wandering through Wraeclast, you have definitely seen different kinds of strongboxes. They had various rarites, types and some of them contained different stuff than others. What new players might now know, they have potential to yield great items if your approach is right. In this Strongbox guide, I will tell you, what kind of …

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