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Everything about Vaal Fragments

Everyone who is playing Path of Exile has definitely seen corrupted zones. They have different tilesets and monsters inside them. Every corrupted area has mods on it, they apply to monsters inside the zone.
These corrupted areas are one of the limited ways to obtain Sacrifice Fragments – Sacrifice at Dawn, Sacrifice at Dusk, Sacrifice at Noon, and Sacrifice at Midnight. There are also advanced Mortal Fragments in the game, that can only be obtained by killing Atziri or buying them from other players.


Drop rate for Sacrifice Fragments in corrupted area is – 20% for Sacrifice at Dusk, 15% for Sacrifice at Dawn, 10% for Sacrifice at Noon and 5% for Sacrifice at Midnight.

Uses for Fragments

The main purpose for the fragments is to open a portal in a map device to Apex of Sacrifice or Alluring Abyss where you can face Atziri/Uber Atziri and mini-bosses before her. This procedure requires all 4 Fragments placed into the map device in the right order. Opening portal, however, isn’t the only use for the fragments.

One of the good uses for fragments is to boost increased item quantity in your maps. This method works as follows – put a map and Sacrifice/Mortal fragments in the map device together. One Sacrifice Fragment boosts item quantity in the map by 5%, Mortal Fragment boosts it by 10%. You can put 3 fragments alongside the map and they all have to be different from each other, so by using Sacrifice Fragments, you can boost item quantity in a map by a maximum of 15% and with Mortal Fragments – by 30%. Tip – do not use Sacrifice at Midnight/Mortal hope alongside the map as other fragments are much cheaper and you would be wasting currency that way.

Another use for Sacrifice Fragments is using them to open up portals to corrupted zones in your map device. It works really simple – just put one Sacrifice Fragment in map device and you will have a portal to a random corrupted zone. People were using this technique quite often to farm Sacrifice of Midnight Fragments.

The best way of farming Midnights

While playing the game, I saw a lot of people who did not know about this excellent Sacrifice Fragment farming technique. Not so far back, GGG introduced a new way of obtaining Sacrifice Fragments. After that patch, corrupted map bosses have a high chance of dropping Sacrifice Fragments or Vaal skill gems.
The best way of farming corrupted maps for me was Museum maps.

The strategy works like this – use Orbs of Alteration on Museum map until you get Double unique bosses mod on map, after that, use Vaal Orb to corrupt the map. Sometimes map can turn rare and mod can disappear, but if it does not, you will have map with 6 corrupted bosses and each of them has good chance of dropping Sacrifice Fragment.

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