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Path of Exile item filter scripts

Just a few days ago, Grinding Gear Games announced possibly the biggest QoL improvement they are planning to implement in the game – Path of Exile item filter scripts. As seen on Reddit and in forums, people have been asking for something like that quite a few times. GGG said, they were resistant to the requests as it would have been very hard to make a UI to successfully support them. That is why they decided to add Item filter scripts.


Writing a script might seem something complex for people but it is actually much simpler than you think. You can show or hide items based on conditions.

For example, if you wanted to show all items that have at least 4 linked sockets, the code for that would be:


LinkedSockets >=4

If you wanted to hide all Portal scrolls that drop, the code for that would be:


BaseType “Portal Scroll”

If you wanted to show all the gems with quality that drop, the code for that would be:


Class Gem
Quality > 0

You are also able to customize background color, border color and text color for the items. Take look at this photo from Path of Exile forum to see how it actually looks.

Item filter scripts

One more fascinating thing you will be able to do with these scripts – add specific alert sound for any drop you want. You can pick from 9 alert sounds, write a script and it will be played whenever stuff that is associated with it drops. For example – when Mirror of Kalandra drops, play specific sound, code would look like this:


BaseType “Mirror of Kalandra”
PlayAlertSound 3

If this all seems too complex for you, there are already a tool out there that makes the script writing process much easier. The developer mentioned, that tool is in early stages of its development, but you can check it out and follow the development here!

While we are waiting for the Act four, you can follow developments of this mysterious beast in the website.

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  1. Thanks for the mention.

    Live site is now available here: http://emmittj.github.io/ItemFilterCreationKit/

    Newest release can be found here: https://github.com/EmmittJ/ItemFilterCreationKit/releases

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