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[3.8 Blight] Shaper’s Orb – Which maps to shape?

With over 150 maps to choose from in Path of Exile, there is a lot of ways to approach late game in terms of shaping your atlas. With fairly decent amount of new maps added to the game in 3.1, we decided to take a look at which maps to use Shaper’s Orb on.

The Shaper’s Orb is a non-tradeable item that is used to upgrade map tier by 5 when used on the map in the Atlas. You get Shaper’s Orbs as a reward from Zana after giving her the Memory Fragments that drop in Elder influenced maps with blue circle around them. Note: Tier 6 is the lowest tier you can get fragments from.

And now – about the maps. Below you can see a table with 3 map choices for each tier and reason behind map choice.

Linear layout – you do not have to backtrack when clearing the map
Divination cards – the monsters in map drop valuable Divination card/s
Good layout – layout is not perfectly linear but it is wide open, so it’s good for breaches
Density – monster density in map is great so there’s more stuff to kill
X Bosses – there are multiple bosses in map so getting double boss on corrupted map could potentially give you some Sacrifice fragments and more items

Map Tier Map choice 1 Map choice 2 Map choice 3
1 Jungle Valley map (Linear layout, Divination cards) Wharf Map (Linear layout) Pier map (Open layout)
2 Mesa map (Linear layout) Cage map (Linear layout, Divination cards) Alleyways map (Linear layout, Divination cards)
3 Strand map (Linear layout) Ashen Wood map (Open layout, Divination cards) Tropical Island map (Linear layout, Divination cards)
4 Arid Lake map (Linear layout) Fields map (Open layout) Burial Chambers map (Linear layout, Divination cards)
5 Lookout map (Linear layout) Beach map (Linear layout) Glacier map (Linear layout)
6 Geode map (Open layout, Divination cards) Vault map (Linear layout, Divination cards) Arsenal map (Monster density, Divination cards)
7 Waste Pool map (Linear layout) Spider Forest map (Linear layout, Divination cards) Port map (Good layout, Divination cards)
8 Shore map (Open layout, density) Graveyard map (Open layout, Divination cards, 3 bosses) Atoll map (Linear layout)
9 Castle Ruins map (Open layout, density) Courtyard map (Open layout, Divination cards) Mud Geyser map (Open layout, density)
10 Iceberg map (Good layout, rare hideout possibility) Dunes map (Open layout, density) Plateau map (Linear layout)

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  1. This is a nice guide. Thank you. Can you annotate with which Divination cards are goals for the maps that you listed Divination cards as a reason to shape?

    • Hey, thank you!
      Divination cards:

      Pen map – Chains That Bind
      Burial Chambers map – The Doctor
      Volcano map – King’s Heart
      Channel map – Humility
      Jungle Valley map – The Wind
      Vault map – The Hoarder, Abandoned Wealth
      Scriptorium map – The Offering (From Shavronne)

      • One thing I would add is that the Pen also has the unique dogs at the end which are useful in a bunch of crafting items, so you get a guaranteed 3 or 4 beasts for the league which is part of why I chose the pen (along with the Chains that Bind)

  2. On tier 6 there can be phantasmagoria – linear + the hunger (card)

  3. I would like to add, on tier 6, the map Atoll also drops good divination cards, specifically The Wind, which combined can be exchanged for a Windripper, just like Jungle Valley.

    Thank you and stay safe y’all.

  4. I’d recommend removing Vault from t9 since it got nerfed pretty hard, people don’t run it anymore. I hear mausoleum is a good one, so maybe replace with that instead, or just leave the other 2

  5. elder orb’s which use map ?

  6. Update from 3.5 incoming?

  7. Thanks for this guide!
    Is this already updated? 😀

  8. Thanks for update!! Underground Sea are the better choice to elder orb?

  9. Would you recommend shaping the Spider Forest map on T7 for more chances to get the Doctor to drop?

  10. Fantastic guide.
    Got a newbie through Synthisis, now a pro of Legion and this guide is my go-to!

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