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Which maps to favorite? PoE Trial of The Ancestors [3.22]

With Siege of the Atlas and 3.17 content update, PoE favored map system was revamped together with the atlas. In this article, I am going to give a few recommendations on the best maps to favorite based on their layout and drops. Updated for the 3.22 Trial of The Ancestors.

What is favoured map system?

In short, it’s a way for players to set maps as favourites, increasing their drop rate from monsters.

How many favorite maps can you set?

There are 12 slots, so you can set 12 maps as favoured.

Can you set the same map as favourite multiple times?

Yes, you can even set one map as favourite in all 12 slots.

How much more often will favourite maps drop?

Each favoured map slot boosts the map’s drop rate 10 times. For example, if you choose Beach map in 6 of your favoured map slots, this map will drop 60 times more often.

How to unlock favourite map slots?

They can be unlocked by completing various objectives on the Atlas, for example, completing tier 16 map, defeating an Elder Guardian, etc.

Which maps to set as favorites in 3.22 Trial of The Ancestors?

Here I will list maps that I personally like to run due to their layout or divination card drops. Linear maps are better if you want to quickly breeze through the maps and perhaps farm delirium. Open layout maps shine when you want to farm things like Breach or Legion.

  • Strand Map (Linear Layout)
  • Plateau Map (Linear Layout)
  • Atoll Map (Linear Layout)
  • Phantasmagoria Map (Linear Layout)
  • Shore Map (Open Layout)
  • Coves Map (Open Layout)
  • Tropical Island Map (Linear Layout)
  • Dunes Map (Open Layout)
  • Beach Ma (Linear Layout)
  • Colonnade Map (Linear Layout)
  • Cemetery Map (Open Layout, Divination card drops)
  • Phantasmagoria Map (Linear Layout)
  • Promenade Map (Linear Layout)
  • Crimson Temple Map (Divination card drops)

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