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[PoE 3.18] 10 Best Starter Builds for Sentinel League

Browse through our list of best starter builds for the 3.18 Sentinel challenge league. We have compiled a list of full starter build guides with item setups, skill trees, PoB, and gem setups and picked strong builds that performed well in Archnemesis. All of the builds below can be played as league starters, some might …

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Which maps to favorite? PoE Siege of the Atlas [3.18]

favourite maps hero image

With Siege of the Atlas and 3.17 content update, PoE favored map system has been revamped together with the atlas. In this article, I am going to give a few recommendations on the best maps to favorite based on their layout and drops. What is favoured map system? In short, it’s way for players to …

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