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[PoE 3.11 Build] Dual-Wield Ahn’s Might Cyclone Duelist (Slayer)

Intro & build description

This build is meant for people whole like simplicity and straightforward gameplay. Pick up two one-handed weapons and slay the mobs on your way to endgame. No complex mechanic, it simply works while being super satisfying and engaging to play.

Build Pros

  • Cheap
  • League starter
  • Can handle almost all map mods except for no leech
  • Onslaught buff on hit
  • Up to 2.6k life leech per sec, can be a push to 2.8-3k

Build Cons

  • No leech maps are no go
  • Can't use Kaom's Heart due to dual-wield (no 6 link otherwise)

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

[3.11] Full build


Bandits Quest Choice
Help Alira

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Headsman
Labyrinth 2Bane of Legends
Labyrinth 3Endless Hunger
Endgame LabyrinthBrutal Fervour

Skill gem setup



Flesh and Stone

Maim Support

Blood and Sand

Body Armor


Impale Support

Fortify Support

Melee Physical Damage Support

Pulverize Support

Brutality Support


Leap Slam

Ancestral Warchief

Faster Attacks Support

Blood Magic Support


Cast When Damage Taken Support (1 lvl)

Vulnerability (5 lvl)

Frost Bomb (1 lvl)

Dread Banner

2h Weapon


1h Weapon

Cast When Damage Taken Support (1 lvl)

Immortal Call (3 lvl)

Increased Duration Support (20 lvl)

Offhand weapon / shield

Blood Rage

Blood Magic Support

Enhance or Portal Gem

Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Rare Helmet

Rare helm with high life, armor and elemental resistances.

Body Armour

Rare Body Armor

Armour based with 90+ life, Socketed Gems Have -15 Mana cost. Additional stat is bonus. BiS is Attacks have +% to Critical Strike Chance, +1500 armour and % maximum life.


Rare Gloves

Look for rare gloves with +70 life, as much resists as you can afford and if possible with open prefix so you can craft +1 Melee Weapon Range


Rare Boots

Generic high movement speed boots (25-30%), high life, total elemental resistances.

Left Ring

Rare Amulet

Rare ring with life, elemental resistances and physical damage to attacks.

Right Ring

Rare Ring

Rare ring with life, elemental resistances and physical damage to attacks + any stat you are lacking.


Rare Ring

Rare amulet with life, critical strike chance and critical strike multiplier. Any useful stats on top of it are bonus. (Can get expensive)



Overall great and cheap belt. Best corruptionĀ  would be ”+25% to critical strike multiplier during nay flask effect”. Use any rare belt till you get Perseverance.

1Hand Weapon

Ahn's Might

Key uniques for the build. Use rare swords till you buy/find Ahn’s Might.

1Hand Weapon

Ahn's Might

We use two of them.



Equipping two Ahn’s Might together with Pacifism jewel (-1 Maximum Frenzy) lowers our Maximum Frenzy Charges to 0, granting both effects of Ahn’s Might unique mod of +50% Global Critical Strike Multiplier while you have no Frenzy Charges and 400-500 to Accuracy Rating while at Maximum Frenzy Charges as it counts the character as NO Frenzy Charges and AT Maximum Frenzy Charges.


Watcher's Eye

Any decent watchers Eye you can get your hands on. ”Your hits intimidate enemies for 4 seconds while you are using pride” is a great mod.


Rare Jewel

  1. Maximum life
  2. Melee critical strike multiplier
  3. Attack speed


Flask Setup

  1. Chemist’s Divine Life Flask of Staunching
  2. Experimenter’s Diamond Flask of the Order
  3. Chemist’s Basalt Flask of Warding
  4. Lion’s Roar
  5. Experimenter’s Quicksilver Flask of heat

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

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  1. Is the rare amulet description correct and you just typed ring? Or do the stats needs to be different? Because from looking at your build, where do you get mana leech from to be able to maintain the cyclone?

  2. How the f am i gonna play with 95% Mana reserved xD what am I doing wrong? this doesnt work.

    • You can get a helm with Pride has 15% reduced mana reservation as one solution. Or you could disable Flesh and Stone.

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