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10 Awesome PoE builds for One month flashback leagues

Hi, I’s been a while since I last posted and one month flashback leagues are coming on October 2nd. I decided to get together some cheap poe builds (relatively) that should help you survive, clear well and overall be successful as your 1st character in new league.


A little about flashback leagues – they feature stuff (mods) from previous leagues that changes every few days. Here is the schedule of the mods (from official Path of Exile forum post):

  • Days 1-4: Warbands, Invasion, Nemesis, Domination.
  • Days 5-7: Warbands, Anarchy, Bloodlines, Beyond.
  • Days 8-9: All league mods excluding Tempest.
  • Days 10-12: Tempest, Domination, Nemesis, Beyond.
  • Days 13-14: Tempest, Ambush, Invasion, Torment.
  • Days 15-16: All league mods excluding Warbands.
  • Days 17-19: Warbands, Anarchy, Nemesis, Invasion, Torment.
  • Days 20-21: Warbands, Rampage, Ambush, Beyond, Onslaught.
  • Days 22-23: All league mods excluding Tempest.
  • Days 24-26: Tempest, Rampage, Bloodlines, Invasion, Nemesis, Torment.
  • Days 27-28: Tempest, Beyond, Rampage, Ambush, Domination, Onslaught.
  • Days 29-31: All league mods excluding Warbands.

With new leagues come new challenges and people who complete them, get Golden Seraph set. There are other prizes for different accomplishments such as highest experience, you can see the full list by checking Path of Exile forums.

And at last, here comes the list of builds:

1. Dual flame totem build. Requires almost no investment to deal good damage, you can even do well with only a 4-linked item. Link

2. “The Matriarch” summoner build. It is cheap, can be equipped with high IIR/IIQ items and can clear well. Link

3. Summon raging spirits (SRS) build. Cheap, beginner-friendly build can be equipped with high IIR/IIQ, even Uber-Atziri capable if you have skills for it. Link

4. Neversink’s Tornado shot ranger. Very nicely written guide with lots of details about the build. Link

5. Whaitiri’s Crit Arc Witch. Beginner-friendly, extremely fast clearing and high IIR/IIQ viable build. From my experience Arc doesn’t require lots of investment therefore can be nice for 1st build in new league. Link

6. 2h RT (resolute technique) cycloner. Cheap, Atziri capable build for melee enthusiasts. Link

7. Tanky Righteous Fire Incinerator. Fairly cheap, great for beginners because it doesn’t involve lots of confusing mechanics. Also viable for HC. Link

8. 2h Flicker strike build. Detailed and well-explained guide everyone should understand. Needs a few items, but still good build as your first character. Link

9. Molten strike claw build. Very high dps, atziri and endgame capable build which doesn’t require lots of investment. Link

10. Ziggy D’s Explosive arrow build. This is nice budget build that made Quill Rain go up in price in Tempest. The build is cheap, survives game’s content very well. Link

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Always tries to keep up with the game, its ever-changing mechanisms and explain them in understandable manner.

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