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[2.3.0] 15 PoE builds for Prophecy challenge leagues

Hi. Prophecy challenge leagues start on 3rd of June, so here are some great builds for the leagues, enjoy!

1. Cheap, tanky, reflect immune low life Kinetic blast champion

2. God of AOE dagger reave slayer

3. Crit ele flicker-cycloner

4. Cantrip’s guide to Ethereal Knives. 7K Life, Great DPS!

5. Milky’s Dual Righteous Fire Totems [cheap, SC/HC, UberAtziri, T15]

6. Reverse heavy strike berserker

7. Beginner-friendly dual ballista (Cheap, all map mods)

8. Crit Facebreakers (very high aoe dps)


9. PhysSpell CoC Cyclone Shadow

10. Tri curse essence drain / contagion trickster

11. Storm call inquisitor build

12. Low life tanky righteous fire witch (t15maps / uber Atziri viable)

13. Full fire conversion arc build

14. Cheap Ele proliferation flameblast

15. Detonate dead elementalist

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