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[3.14 PoE Build] Toxic Rain Shadow (Trickster)

Intro & build description

Toxic rain is one of the most solid boss-killers in the game and this build does a lot of damage with minimal investment. Even with mediocre gear, you do millions of DPS – invest more and you can even go to more than 30 million DPS. If that’s not enough I don’t know what is.
It has pretty solid movement, a lot of dodge chance, and should be a perfect choice for killing bosses in Echoes of the Atlas and clearing rituals.

Build Pros

  • Amazing DPS, millions even with minimal investment
  • Solid map clear, insane boss killing
  • Great for doing heists
  • Good survivability due to Kintsugi and high evasion

Build Cons

  • While still performing pretty good in maps, there are faster clear builds

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

[3.14] Skill Tree
Path of Building


Bandits Quest Choice
Kill all bandits

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Patient Reaper
Labyrinth 2Prolonged Pain
Labyrinth 3Ghost Dance
Endgame LabyrinthEscape Artist

Skill gem setup


Despair (Unlinked)


Essence Drain


Body Armor

Blood Rage (Unlinked)

Withering Step

Second Wind Support

Flame Dash


Blink Arrow


Malevolence (Unlinked)


Cast on Death Support


Immortal Call (LVL 11)

Cast When Damage Taken Support (LVL 10)

Increased Duration Support (LVL 20)

Enduring Cry (Unlinked)

2h Weapon

Toxic Rain

Mirage Archer Support

Empower (As high LVL as possible)

Awakened Vicious Projectiles

Awakened Void Manipulation

Awakened Swift Affliction

1h Weapon


Offhand weapon / shield


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Asenath's Chant

This is a really great utility helmet that allows us to auto-cast socketed spells since we are playing a bow character.
It shouldn’t be your first priority and you could easily use other cheaper helmets like Starkonja’s Head or rare evasion-based helmet with high life and resistances.

The best enchantment would be “Toxic Rain fires 1 additional arrow”.

Body Armour


Since we don’t lack in damage, we can afford to pick up a defensive chest piece. Not only does it have a lot of evasion, it also has life, resistance and most importantly of all – less damage taken if you haven’t been hit recently.

It really helps you mitigate damage when the evasion and dodge fails, so you don’t die to one-shots as easily as other builds.

This body armor also synergizes exceptionally well with Wind Dancer keystone that the build uses.


Hunter Influenced Rare Gloves

In this build we are ideally looking for an offensive pair of gloves.

The main mod we need is % to chaos damage over time multiplier.
Combine that with life, and perhaps, some attack speed and you got yourself excellent gloves.

This is more of a endgame option, so until then, just use regular rare gloves with high life and resistances.


Rare Armor/Evasion hybrid boots

Look for armor/evasion base for your boots so it’s easier to color all 4 sockets red.

Mods-wise, look for boots with Matatl’s Hybrid 30% movement speed + spell dodge mod, high life and resistances if possible.

Atziri’s Step would be an option as well if you can cap resistances elsewhere.

Left Ring

Rare Coral Ring

Look for rare coral rings with high life and resistances. Make sure one of your rings has adds #-# fire damage so the build can ignite. The ignite synergizes with Cinderswallow Urn for nice little damage increase.

Other nice things to have on your ring would be despair on hit, but that would be more expensive. You could then substitute the Despair gem in helmet for something defensive, like Temporal Chains or Enfeeble.

You could also craft non-channeling skills have -x to total mana cost.

Right Ring

Rare Coral Ring

Same as previously mentioned ring – high life and resistances.


Rare Amulet

Look for rare amulet with high life and resistances.

If you have currency to spare and want to push build further, get one with +1 to level of all chaos skill gems hunter mod.


Stygian Vise

Look for rare Stygian Vise with high life and resistances.

Belt is the gear piece on which you should craft Aspect of The Spider.


Rare quiver with Hunter influence

Main mod on the quiver is %to chaos damage over time multiplier – get it as high as possible as well as high life.

Other great mods would be attack speed, Hunter’s Movement speed mod and a resistance.

2Hand Weapon

Rare Thicket Bow

This build uses crafted thicket bow.

Here is a guide on how to craft the bow yourself, take a look at this video.



Jewel Setup

This build uses very large ring Thread of hope. Socket it in the slot between Totemic Zeal and Exceptional performance.

This build also uses 1 large and 2 medium cluster jewels.

On Large cluster jewels, look for following notables – Tempered Arrowheads and Fuel the fight. Good small passives for these jewels would be any damage over time mods.

On medium cluster jewels, look for following notables – Exposure Therapy & Wicked Pall. On Medium cluster jewels, look for +x% to chaos damage over time multiplier small passive nodes.

Mods to look for on regular jewels:

1.) Increased maximum life
2.) Increased attack speed with bows
3.) Increased damage over time / damage / chaos damage over time multiplier


Flask Setup

Build uses following flasks:

1.) Cinderswallow Urn
2.) Quicksilver Flask With curse removal
3.) Instant recovery divine life flask with bleed removal
4.) Quartz Flask with freeze removal
5.) Dying Sun

Original build author – Big Ducks.

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

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