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[3.4] Aila’s Righteous Fire Witch (Occultist)

Intro & build description

Aila has taken this build multiple times to level 100 in solo self-found leagues while doing it first on the ladder. Build is super tanky and very fast map clearer while doing some serious damage to tougher enemies as well once you drop your Orb of Storms to take full advantage of Elemental Equilibrium and curses. Sadly you can’t level up as Righteous Fire from the beginning. Scorching Ray is very effective, they work with the same skill tree besides Area of Effect nodes. I wouldn’t recommend it to brand new players to the game since it has some complex mechanics and requires some understanding of the game, however, it is very strong and effective build for relatively cheap investment.

Build Pros

  • Dirt cheap
  • Good starting build in SSF or any new league
  • Very strong damage and defense thanks to high energy shield pool
  • Can do most of the endgame encounters
  • Can do every single map mod, even no regeneration if you go fast enough. Although it is not recommended
  • 3 curses
  • All you need is 5-link

Build Cons

  • Chaos resistance needs to be capped

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

[3.4] Full Build


Bandits Quest Choice
Help Oak

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Wicked Ward
Labyrinth 2Vile Bastion
Labyrinth 3Profane Bloom
Endgame LabyrinthMalediction

Skill gem setup


Shield Charge


Faster Attacks Support

Life Gain on Hit Support

Body Armor

Righteous Fire

Elemental Focus Support


Increased Are of Effect Support or Concentrated Effect Support

Burning Damage Support

Flame Dash (Unlinked)


Orb of Storm

Curse on Hit Support

Increased Critical Strikes Support

Elemental Weakness


Blasphemy Support




2h Weapon


1h Weapon

Cast When Damage Taken Support (1 lvl)

Immortal Call (3 lvl)

Rallying Cry

Offhand weapon / shield

Vaal Discipline

Vaal Discipline

Increased Duration Support

Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


The Broken Crown

This helm is used to cap chaos resistance while providing decent amount of energy shield.

Body Armour

Shaped Rare Chest

This is very important :

You need chest with ”Recover % of energy shield on kill” mod. Try to acquire one with at least 400 energy shield.


Rare Gloves

High amount of elemental resistances and at least 130 Energy Shield.


Steppan Eard

Although build stacks chaos resistance and it should be capped, desecrated ground can still be very dangerous. Steppan Eard unique boots come in very handy, makes you immune to desecrated ground and providing some good bonuses while standing on chilled or burning ground.

Left Ring

Rare Ring

Lots of elemental resistances, flat energy shield and flat cold or lightning damage to attacks. Reason behind is that when you shield charge into packs of monsters, your shield charge will apply Elemental Equilibrium which reduces monsters fire resistance by 50% because you just hit with lightning or cold based damage. Same can be done with gloves if you are finding it hard to get ring which matches criteria.

Right Ring

Rare Ring

Dexterity, flat energy shield and lots of elemental resistances.


Rare Amulet

Amulet with at least 15% increased maximum energy shield, ~40 strength and some elemental resistances. Shouldn’t be expensive.


Bated Breath

20% maximum energy shield, damage, 50% increased energy shield recharge rate – nothing much to say here, must have belt for this build.

1Hand Weapon

Doryani's Caralyst

Doryani’s Catalyst is very strong weapon for RF, however, rare sceptre with spell damage, fire damage and attack speed for fluid shield charging  won’t fall behind that much.


Rare Shield

You want to use shield with at least 250 ES paired with some elemental resistances.


Conqueror's Potency

Effectiveness of flasks and curses.


Rare Jewels

  1. Increased Damage
  2. Increased Area Damage
  3. Increased maximum Energy Shield


Flask Setup

  1. Experimenter’s Ruby Flask of Heat
  2. Chemist’s Sulphur Flask of Grounding
  3. Chemist’s Silver Flask of Warding
  4. Experimenter’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
  5. Chemist’s Basalt Flask of Staunching


Note: It is essential to fully upgrade Soul of Shakari minor god Pantheon power for Poison immunity. It is very dangerous since we have small life pool and it bypasses energy shield. You will have to roll one flask for poison immunity till you upgrade pantheon.

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

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