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[3.5] 2H Sunder Uber Lab Farmer Marauder (Juggernaut)

Intro & build description

If you want to make good money early in the league, farming Uber Labyrinth is one of the best options. This build is designed specifically for it. Juggernaut ascendancy in combination with some armour allows us to basically ignore traps in Labyrinth because you can out-regen their damage.
Even though Sunder was somewhat nerfed, it will not affect this build much.

Build Pros

  • Very tanky
  • Can farm Uber Lab with a cheap 5-link
  • Has high growth potential with currency investment
  • Excellent as a league starter

Build Cons

  • You have to be wary about your Endurance charges (keep them up in boss fights)

Passive tree(s) and Path of Building

Skill Tree [116 points]


Bandits Quest Choice
Help Oak

Ascendancy skill points

LabyrinthsSkill point choice
Labyrinth 1Unflinching
Labyrinth 2Unrelenting
Labyrinth 3Unbreakable
Endgame LabyrinthUnstoppable or Unyielding (your personal preference)

Skill gem setup


Cast When Damage Taken (LVL 9)

Immortal Call (LVL 11)

Blood Rage (LVL 12)

Enduring Cry

Body Armor

Ancestral Warchief

Melee Physical Damage Support

Concentrated Effect Support

Faster Attacks Support

Bloodlust Support

Brutality Support


Blasphemy Support

Poacher's Mark

Summon Stone Golem

Determination / Vitality


Leap Slam

Blood Magic Support

Faster Attacks Support

Culling Strike Support

2h Weapon


Melee Physical Damage Support

Maim Support

Fortify Support

Concentrated Effect Support

Multistrike Support

1h Weapon


Offhand weapon / shield


Build uniques / Example rare gear

Tip: Click on the item to view it on PoE Wiki or to view similar rare items in poe.trade


Starkonja's Head

Good overall helm for the build providing us with attack speed, high life and good amount of evasion that’s converted to armour.

Devoto’s Devotion would be another great option.

Body Armour

Astral Plate

Look for rare armour chest piece with life, some resistances and as high armour as you can find. At the beginning of the new league I suggest you buy white 5linked body armour and throw few chaos on it for some life.

Later, when you have some currency, you can buy Celestial Justicar cards and get 6-linked Astral Plate.


Spiked Gloves

Ideally look for spiked gloves with high life, attack speed and mana leech. If you can get resistance on top of that – ideal.

Spiked gloves might be hard to get at the beginning, so any armour or evasion gloves will work.


Two-Toned Boots

Get any armour or evasion boots with at least 25% movement speed, high life and some resistances.

If you don’t have two-toned boots, consider looking for “16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you’ve Killed Recently” enchantment.

Left Ring

Kaom's Way

A must-have for this build. Kaom’s way gives us huge regeneration because we have a lot of Endurance charges.

Right Ring

Two-Stone Ring

Look for resistance ring with adds #-# physical damage to attacks, life and some resistances. Attack speed would be very good bonus but that will be expensive.


Turquoise Amulet

Look for amulet with attributes that you lack with adds #-# physical damage to attacks, life and some resistances.

% increased armour mod would be great bonus.


Belt of The Deceiver

This belt is great offensive option for the build.

2Hand Weapon

Kaom's Primacy

This build can use wide variety of axes. You can start with Kaom’s Primacy / Hezmana’s Bloodlust or rare 2-handed axe with as much physical dps as you can find.

Later, if you really want to push the build, get Atziri’s Disfavour.


Jewel Setup

On jewels look for:

1.) Increased Maximum life
2.) Any increased physical damage /melee damage mod
3.) Increased Area Damage
4.) Attack speed
5.) Attributes / Resistances if you are lacking


Flask Setup

Get following flasks:

1.) Instant recovery Divine Life flask with bleed removal
2.) Eternal life flask with freeze removal
3.) Lion’s Roar
4.) Basalt Flask
5.) Granite Flask

Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences/tips about the build in comments section below.

About gems

Always tries to keep up with the game, its ever-changing mechanisms and explain them in understandable manner.


  1. What level more or less can make the uber ?

  2. What five link would you focus on?

    • You should definitely try to get 1 full set of Celestial Justicar cards. 1 good day of low level map farming would definitely earn you enough currency because sunder setup reeeally needs a 6-link because every gem is so valuable in terms of damage.
      For Warchief I’d drop Bloodlust.

  3. How is evasion getting added to armor?

  4. How did you get enough dex to wear the helm?
    That is my main issue atm.

  5. Did the 3rd lab at lvl 59 (lab was lvl 68) with 6 twink leveling uniques, a 5L and a +97 life belt. All on a GTX 555M.

  6. I’m fairly new to POE. please explain why you would reserve 75% of you life for the hatred and herald of ash gems? it seems like quite allot, for a build intended for uber labs, where you really don’t want to die?

  7. hi, i want to ask why use the Astral Plate ? it have death aura .. keep low life and die….

  8. Kenneth Verbeure

    Can the resolute technique passive be removed in the end so you can do critical hits ?

  9. there is a mistakes at the lab ascendency choices, it’s unbreakable instead of undeniable for the third lab, except that the build is awasome tha,ks for sharing it ^^

    • Thanks for letting me know, fixed! 🙂

      • you very much welcome, the whole site is really nice and those build are efficient as f*** ^^. By the way what is the life pool that you are aiming with this build? iam lvl93 at 6400 hp so far and still having hard time in t16 map

        • Thanks for the kind words! 🙂 What kind of gear do you have? It’s hard to say because there are many setups this build can be played in – like Belly or rare helm with life, etc.

          • Well this is my build :
            Starkonja top rolled for head,
            belly 6 link medium roll, (35% max life 165%armor)
            spiked gloves with87 max life res and mana leech,
            two-toned boots with 70 max life and 3 res,
            two-stone right with life res and attack speed,
            amulet with 42 life 48 cold res and physical damage to attack,
            belt of the deceiver corrupted with +1 to maximun andurance charge and max rolled .
            iam stomping pretty much anything unless t16 bosses ^^ oh and atziri’s disfavour 5 link, i dropped fortify and puted a vaal haste in the non-linked slot. iam around 200k dmg when full stacked with endurance charges.

          • From what I see you could squeeze in some more life in amulet slot, and perhaps boots if you don’t have movement speed on them. Upgrades will not be cheap at this stage though, but I think you could squeeze in some more life on some pieces – example boots with 30+ extra life http://poe.trade/search/omokaunoonouri .

  10. Hi, I am planning to try this build in the next league or ssf(found the kaom axe).
    My 2 questions would be:
    1: How high do you aim, with your resistences ? Do you cap yourself without endurance charges, or do you let your resists to linger around 40-50 percent, and rely on enduring cry and the ascendancies to cap you in seconds, or you go for high over the cap resists, by capping the resists before the charges?
    2: if you have the culling axe, and sub the leap slam culling into fortify, what would you use in place of the fortify in the sunder setup ?

    • 1.) Always cap resists, good idea is to even go 100+ if you can.
      2.) Added fire Damage would be a decent option, Faster attacks as well. I can’t say for sure which one would be the better option, you could try importing your character in Path of Building and checking the damage with each gem there 🙂

  11. Hi, I’m following your guide and having a lot of fun playing this build. One suggestion, I think Hezmana’s Bloodlust > Kaom’s primacy just because of free blood magic. The DPS because of 7th link support gem is around 38% more than Kaom’s.

  12. hi, just want to start off in saying your build is really amazing! so thank you for taking the t ime to make it. I have a few questions though.
    1. Why Culling strike for leap slam? couldnt i replace it with something else? and if so what else?
    2. on your sunder 6L why maim? why not Brutality?

    • Hey!

      1.) You could replace it, but I found it extremely useful to finish off bosses quickly and no other replacement comes to mind.
      2.) Actually that’s a good idea – by using Brutality you could drop Herald of Ash and Hatred and still have more damage, plus you could use either Vitality or Determination in combination with Poacher’s Mark supported by Blasphemy for more defense and free frenzy charges. Thanks for the insight, updated the build.

  13. also do i just max lvl Poachers mark. blasphmey, Determination/vit with stone golem?

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