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3.16 Path of Exile: Scourge – 3 changes you will love

Path of Exile’s newest expansion titled Scourge is coming on 22 of October. It brings a multitude of changes that we are really excited about and will discuss more in detail.

1) Changes to how currency drops

A lot of new content has come to Path of Exile over time. With new currency items, splinters, shards and fragments, it has become quite difficult to click, sort and manage them. With Path of Exile Scourge expansion, GGG are addressing this, which is super exciting.

In short, they are making so that some pieces of currency drop less frequently, but when they do, it happens in stacks. For example, instead of one wisdom scroll dropping several times from several monsters, 6 wisdom scrolls will drop in one stack. This will reduce clicks needed to pick up items and will also give more significance to these individual drops when they happen. 

GGG have also added an ability to stack scarabs, fragments, incubators and maybe more, we will see when the league starts.

2) Progression for the league mechanic

League mechanic that has unlocks and gets better with more time invested was something I wanted to experience for a while. It gives you additional and new way to get a sense of progression besides just Atlas and I believe will keep players engaged with Scourge league for longer.

scourge league skill tree

Above you can see the Scourge Skills that you can evolve and unlock to add boosts to the league mechanic rewards. You can unlock additional slots for transforming your items, ability to transform unique items, better transformation outcomes and more.

You will be able to unlock all of these skills if you play enough, which is pretty cool.


3) Enhanced endgame options

With Scourge expansion, GGG will also bring some changes to the endgame in Path of Exile. 
With Scourge league mechanic, you will be able to transform maps to be more rewarding and challenging. Scourge also brings enhanced breach, legion, delirium and blight content with better rewards and significantly increased difficulty.


With the new league the Atlas will have some changes as well.

1) The total amount of maps will be reduced to around 100, + Unique maps. 
2) Instead of 8 Atlas regions, now there will be 4
3) Older league content on Atlas will be replaced with newer one, for example, Perandus is rotated out this league.

Fewer maps on the Atlas will reduce the amount of watchstones needed to upgrade your map tiers and will allow for a significantly faster progression to the endgame.

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These 3 changes are just scratching the surface for what’s to come this league. There are improvements to Guilds, Passive skill tree rework, game balance, new skills and more. Below you can find links to learn more about Path of Exile: Scourge.

1) Path of Exile Scourge 3.16 Patch notes
2) Live Stream which includes trailer and content reveal
3) Best Starter Builds for Scourge League

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