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[Guide] Path of Exile trading using poe.trade

Path of Exile trading

What would Path of Exile be without trading? It’s a thing I do almost every single day of playing the game. You acquire currency, get items needed for your build and sell stuff you do not use. However, in Path of Exile, there is no place to list your items in-game as, for example, in World of Warcraft. Place for listing items is Path of Exile forum. Going through the forum and searching for exact items you need can be really painful and time consuming, so there is this website which pulls data from the Path of Exile trade forum and helps you find what you need – Poe.trade

Poe.trade website itself is fairly easy to use, but it can take some time until you learn use it optimally. Few great things about the poe.trade website:

  • It is excellent tool for new players to look up prices of unique items and skill gems
  • There are really many options to choose from, you can tailor your search very precisely and find exact mods, rolls you want on items
  • You have an option to search for items only listed by players who are currently online in game

When searching for the item, process is usually straight-forward, if you are looking for an unique item, just type the name in the search bar. You also have an option to only search for items that have exact buyout set therefore eliminating the need for negotiations about the price.

When searching for the rare armor item or ring, first thing I do is choose type of the item. Sometimes I also set base item but that only applies when I have specific needs, for example, Diamond ring base item when in need of more critical chance. After that, I just choose the mods for my item.
My usual search for fairly cheap armor/evasion/energy shield items is – at least 65 life, +80% total elemental resistance, 70% increased armor/evasion/energy shield. When searching for items with parameters like that, you can get fairly good life pool, cap your resists pretty easily (unless you are using a lot of unique items in your build) and also have good armor/evasion rating. If your resist are capped, you can look for higher armor/evasion roll on the items and at the same time lower the total resistance parameter. Adding +armor/evasion/energy shield mod in the search box is also pretty good option.

Evaluating items in Path of Exile using poe.trade

Poe.trade is also a great tool for evaluating your items by comparing them to existing items in the market and their prices.
Let’s say you find an item and have no idea, what is it worth. You can always ask another players to price check it for you, although people love to troll a lot when asked for price checks in game.
For example, you find Topaz ring with 63 life, 35 lightning resistance, 16 to all resistances and 33 to energy shield.
To evaluate item, I would search for following mods – minimum of 60 life, 108% to total elemental resistance and +32 to energy shield. Found items would let you evaluate the Topaz Ring you want to sell pretty precisely. Of course, there are few things to keep in mind – for example, if found items have other mods with low rolls on the item and your item has still open affixes, your item will definitely be worth more than other items with their affix slots wasted.

Listing your items in poe.trade

Poe.trade is great website used by many players, so if you list items in forum with poe.trade buyout tags added to them, it will greatly increase the chance of someone buying the items from you.
Listing items is very simple, you just pick whatever you want to sell, and just add buyout tags under the items to get it listed in poe.trade.

Also, if you want to appear online in poe.trade when you are actually in the game, be sure to add IGN : yourIngameName to your shop thread in the forum.

Please share this guide with others if you found it helpful. 🙂

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  1. I have pretty mixed feelings about trading. In fact I only play selffound even it is slowing me down considerably.
    The developers once mentioned in one of their interviews the possibility of “some kind of” auction house, maybe it will get better when this is implemented.

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