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[2.2] 15 Ascendancy ready Path of Exile builds

Good evening! Ascendancy is dropping in 4 days so here is your usual build list for new leagues, hope you find something you want to play! Enjoy!

1. Wraeclast Janitor | 2h sweep build

2. King’s “Close Stalker” – Blast Rain + Puncture Trap + 50/25 Block

3. GLADIATOR 1H+Aegis Max Block&Spell Block Tank, Atziri Killer

4. “Conan the Barista” 2H RT Sword Chieftain by fiqst

5. Milky’s Dual Righteous Fire Totems (cheap, SC/HC, Atziri viable, T15 maps viable)

6. DEADEYE Caustic Arrow DPS-focused 5-6k+ life Atziri Killer (40k+ DPS)

7. Blade Vortex FLASK MASTER. 88% All Res, 75/75 Block, 500-800k DPS, INSTANT LEECH

8. Very cheap CI storm call

9. The Guardian Auromancer,14 Auras 3-4 extra Curses End-game party support build

10. Incinerate MF Templar build

11. Iron Will Arc Templar

12. Thor, the Lightning God (Life Arc Mjolner / Triple Curse Blasphemy (HC and SC)

13. Culler-support. Now also budget! – Full MF | 12.6kES | 7 Auras + Guardian

14. King’s “Jupiter Ascendant” – 4 curse hybrid non crit Arcer (HC viable)

15. RAIDER Tanky Crit Reave Dagger/Claw AR+EV+Block Ranger 120k+ DPS NO MIRRORED GEAR

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  1. Hey! It’s really good you upload these every time, also i want to thank you for every post you made so far! I really learned the most about the game from you. Thank you for your work!

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