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[2.1.0] 15 Great builds for Talisman challenge leagues

Hey there, my fellow Path of Exile players! Highly anticipated talisman challenge leagues are only 2 days away from being live on servers and I thought you could use few build suggestions. After watching trailers, I am really excited about the leagues because there’s quite a lot of new stuff introduced to the game. Chaos damage skills look really interesting and I can’t wait to use Blasphemy support gem to run curses as auras. Alright, so here come the builds, hope you find them useful!


Talisman league builds

1. Grocery’s High dps Rain of arrows build compendium (Phys/ele/phys2ele)

2. Curse/Aura Ball of lightning Ranger

3. Zizarans reave Ranger

4. MoM/EB/ZO Contagion Trapper with triple curses

5. CoC Blade Vortex

6. Contagion/Essence drain witch

7. Dual Curse Bladefall witch

8. Endgame Culler-Support (Only group play)

9. CoMK With Oro’s Sacrifice (Atziri Viable)

10. CoC Staff Cyclone build

11. Cantrip’s Ethereal Knives build

12. GunFinX’s SRS Magic finder

13. Siege Ballista Marauder build

14. High DPS Spectral throw/Double strike duelist build

15. Cheap, High dps Molten strike claw build

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